Thursday, March 24, 2011


Potty training is a big deal.
You're essentially telling your child where the correct way to place their potty is, which is after all on the potty instead of on themselves.
I've been preparing for this since last fall. 
I really didn't want to be buying double diapers with 2 kids and as Addie got closer and closer to 2 I felt more and more anxiety and dread over the whole potty training thing. 
I know a lot of people say it's really rough and many children struggle with the concept. 
Adeline tends to be dramatic and insistent upon her way of things, so I was really expecting this to be a very rough ride. 
I cleared this week of activities, canceled plans, and prepared to stay home to get the job done. 
We spent the weekend talking about how we were going to wear only big girl panties and we were only going to pee pee and poo poo on the potty. 
She was very intrigued and readily agreed to whatever it was I warned. 
Monday we worked at it, Tuesday she only had 2 accidents, and ever since she has been going in the potty every time.
We even went into town yesterday evening, and she did fantastic!
This was so much easier than I expected, and I know it's weird I'm blogging about my daughter's potty habits, but I'm just so proud!
My little Squiggy is a big girl!!


  1. I'm so proud of her! She's such a big girl. Potty training Caroline was fast and easy also, I'm just hoping that doesn't mean that potty training Jack will be hard since the first child was so easy!

  2. That is so great!! I have the weekend of April 8th blocked out for potty training. We aren't leaving the house. Hope M has as much success with it as A.
    What a big girl!! :D

  3. Aw. Good job mom and Addie! That's fantastic. My first daughter was not easy to potty train. My second daughter is almost two and she goes when she pleases and she does pretty well. After her birthday we will give it a true go.

  4. Yay Adeline! Now, boys tend to be harder, but please don't start dreading now ;)

  5. That is just amazing! She's a miracle potty trainer, you need to go on Oprah and share it with the world!! Lucky you! I was scraping poop off the floor for weeks when Sophie was training! And to think....we get to do it all again!

  6. wow! you got lucky! some people have so many issues! good job adeline!!