Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had a really nice Easter weekend. 

I think each one of us had some well deserved relaxing time, and we all spent some really nice together time too.
We went away camping for the weekend, and it was a beautiful one! 
Adeline could swing her days away. That child is normally such a little wild thing, but when you put her in a swing [only upon her request] she is such a peaceful little thing. Philip and I seriously pushed her in a swing probably 40% of her entire weekend. 
When she wasn't swinging though, she was working the camera: I think these are some of my favorite pictures of her to date, they capture her personality so well!

Gideon was such a sweet happy boy this weekend, as he usually is. He took naps in the warm sunshine and smiled in his sleep when a breeze would touch his chubby little cheeks. I couldn't help but wonder how awesome it must be to be pushed or carried around all day, take naps whenever he pleases, and be cuddled and kissed to sleep. He's such a blessing!
Philip really enjoyed the kids this weekend. [Ours, his cousin, and his godchild] He helped them do some fishing, pushed them on swings, took them paddle boating, and cuddled ours to sleep. I probably thanked God for my children's daddy at least a dozen times this weekend. He's a good man, and I'm so thankful for him!
As for me, I enjoyed simply watching. It was sweet to see our little baby family on such a beautiful weekend. On Saturday Gideon and Adeline took a 3 hour nap in the camper. The rest of the family were out and about playing games, fishing, and enjoying the sun, but I stayed in the camper and as tempted as I was to rest too, I did some studying in my bible. [well, my iphone bible that is]. 
I normally have a lot of trouble focusing when it comes to reading and studying The Bible, but for 3 straight hours I just read and learned and cried and prayed. It was a place I've never before been. A place where my attention didn't wander. A place where my heart felt right and my brain understood. A place I needed to learn and know, and I'm so glad I did. It was a really breakthrough day for me, and it really made Easter a different, more glorious holiday than I'd ever known it.


  1. I love the scenery! Gorgeous picture!

  2. oh my... love the pics... what adorable kids you have!

    i didn't know there was such a thing as an iphone bible!