Thursday, April 21, 2011

Memories in Red Soda Pop

I never knew my husband's father. We've been together 9 years, and his dad passed away shortly before we met. Over the years between Philip and his family I've learned a lot about who his dad was.

I sometimes wish I could have met him, and I often wish he were here to know my babies. 
From what I hear he was a wonderful man, and I can't wait to meet him in heaven. :)

My heart is so warmed during times like last night when Philip remembers something his dad did when he was young and has to reenact or recreate it for our children and their own memories.
It really makes me love my husband so much to see how precious his childhood memories with his father were, and I think it makes it even more important for us both to make sure our own kids' memories with us are special.

Last night, Philip made some Pop Rouge ice cream he remembers having often as a kid. 

I'd never heard of it nor had I tasted it, but the excitement going on over our ice cream maker was too much for me to pass up.

I saw the little boy in my husband come out, and it was really sweet.
I'm really not sure what was sweeter though, watching him recreate it or watching him watch Adeline enjoy it.
She was pretty excited about her pink ice cream in a purple bowl. Ice cream for his princess is what we told her.
and isn't it a crazy thing to think that one day, years and years from now, we may be having little blonde haired, blue eyed grand-babies sitting in their parent's kitchen enjoying some homemade pop rouge ice cream?
Love, love.


  1. I most certainly remember Pop Rouge ice cream! We would all go over when Paran made it! It was a huge ordeal! I miss him ALL the time....

  2. i've never heard of that... but it sure looks good... and it looks like Addie enjoyed it!!