Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fav Things Thursday

I really enjoyed the 90 minute Glee on Tuesday! I love that show, and even when I'm a little too busy to watch, I still keep it on to hear all of the songs. So I've been rocking out to the Gleeks @ the gym this week, and that is one of my favorite songs from Season 1. I actually saw Wicked in the theater last year, and when I heard them sing Defying Gravity, I preferred the Rachel and Kurt version. haha


Speaking of the gym-- I hate it! Until I leave that is. Mostly because I treat myself to a fountain diet coke for all of my hard work. I know it's not the best thing for me, but with drinking so much water all day and then cutting out most of my sweets, it's really just a good treat I feel intitled to.


I'm so loving hand-me-downs right now! I got lucky and have actually been OVERLOADED with them lately. They've been mostly for Gideon, since I have a lot of friends with young boys. Seriously 85% of his wardrobe is hand-me-downs, and I'm loving it! It makes buying diapers so less painful when you don't have to buy clothes every few weeks.


Hydrangeas are my favorite! I think i have 7 or 8 of them in my front beds. 3 of them have been in bloom, and I love going to see the new blooms and the pretty colors every morning when I give them a little morning drink. So pretty! One day I may just have them all around my entire house!

My rocking chair has really gotten some good use here lately. Adeline has been wanting me to rock her more often lately, I guess since I'm usually rocking Gideon there. I love to just sit there and soak up these babies.


  1. I have garden envy!! (Maybe if I watered my plants every once in a while they might look half decent...)

    Gideon is getting so big! He has such pretty eyes!

  2. i love how hydrangeas have different colors depending on the soil!

    look how big gideon is getting!!

    love that you get to rock adeline... :) that's so sweet!

  3. Gorgeous hydrangeas!

    Good for you- being dedicated with the gym. I'm trying to start walking (and pushing 75 lbs in the stroller is making it quite the work out). But We'll see how long that lasts...So tired of this baby belly. = /

    Gideon is ADORABLE. I can't believe how much/quickly he has grown!

  4. LOVE those big beautiful Hydrangeas! I feel like the last person on the planet not watching Glee ... is it worth all the hype?