Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Little Boo Boo Chicky

We've got a little 3 foot tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed little wild thing we call Adeline. [Addie, Addie Jean, Squig, Squiggy, Boo Boo Chicky...]
and as the days go by, we watch her as she fine tunes her little big personality. As much as she loves to play dress up and feed her baby dolls, she'll drop anything girly in a heart beat to play ball of any kind. and might I add, this kid's got a good arm!
She seriously stuns me every day with how intelligent she is and how eager she is to learn more and more. Anything and everything I've thrown at her she's soaked up and excelled in. I've never had to push anything on her, she just listens and learns.
She's got an attitude about as big as her personality, and it's something we're challenged with daily. I always thought raising and disciplining children would be so simple, but she's definitely made me eat those words. She's got a mind of her own and she thinks you should earn a spot in her world rather than realize she is a part of this big place.
She's got a huge warm heart and a desire to help and love. She's got an obsession with boys right now, but she's got a special love for the top 3 in her life: Jesus, her Daddy, and her baby brother. 
Sometimes it's a little bit surreal to realize I have a little blossoming girl rather than that Squiggy baby I was holding in my arms just months and months ago. I guess I wanted to just sit down and take a moment to appreciate that wild and crazy, super awesome little girl that is laying in my lap right now. 

She is loved more than I think she could ever understand.


  1. Gosh, she is just so beautiful. You really are blessed!

  2. It's so amazing isn't it? ugh. So touching!

  3. oh my.... love the bike pic! heehee