Thursday, April 7, 2011

Her and Him Playing Gym

So I bought Gideon one of those play mat gym things. 
Actually I went to Target for wipes and panties for Addie and I came home with that way too high priced mat that I really contemplated on bringing back out of pure guilt for spending so much.

Gideon enjoys it almost as much as Adeline does though, and yesterday while Philip and Adeline were on their Daddy and Addie date, I shot some photos of Gideon checking out the dangling toys. 
While I was going through my camera I immediately realized that little face on a little baby play mat looked so familiar. 

So I go back in Adeline's pictures and look her up at 7 weeks old, just like her brother is now.....
and she's on her pinked out play mat looking just like the little boy I just cooed and kissed all over. 

Adeline 7 weeks
Gideon 7 weeks

and brother whom Adeline refers to as "Dee" or "BuddyBuddy" or most obnoxiously "MINE!!!"

They're sooooooo toot!


  1. WOW. Incredible. You two totally produced twins a couple years apart. It's gonna be fun watching them grow up.

  2. it's amazing how much they look alike! so cute!

  3. oh my! they definitely look a lot alike.. but i def see a bit more philip in gideon! SO SWEET!