Friday, April 8, 2011

Her 1st Haircut

I've been protesting cutting Adeline's hair for... ohhhhh her entire life. 
She was practically bald all the way up until like 18 months, so those crazy caramel colored locks are welcome on her head for sure! 
Well... since about November, her hair has been right in her eyes. 
Family kept suggesting I cut it, and well I become a little hostile at the suggestion.
We waited a long time for hair! I don't want to cut it!!
I was sure it'd grow out and we could just sweep it away from her little blue eyes. 

Well.... we're in April and her bangs are still right in her eyes. 
It doesn't really bothers me more than it bothers her, and I now know why my mother always insisted I get my hair out of my face as a teenager.
We momma's wanna see those sweet little faces. 

So spontaneity sneaked up on me. [I really wanted to say "snuck" but I don't think that's a word.]
I had just finished scrubbing the shower floor in my bathroom when I nearly tripped over Adeline playing Cinderella at my feet. 
I pulled off my rubber gloves and put them on the bathroom counter right next to a pair of scissors Philip trims his hair with. 
and in that minute I looked down at Addie playing innocently on the floor and told her she'd get a surprise if she looked at my nose and didn't move. 

Then I did this:

Have you ever done something and before it was even over you immediately regret it and wish you could just rewind 30 seconds and not do what you did?
That was me.

One cut.
I just cut once.
and then I saw what I did, picked up the scissors, and told Adeline she was very pretty.

In my defense her hair is parted to the right, and I cut her bangs at an angle thinking they'd just taper off.  That's how I cut my bangs anyway. [Yea, I'm cheap, I cut my hair myself.] Well it's so fine that sometimes it falls in front of her face instead of to the right and that's what it looks like all combed forward. 
Her hair is so thin and fine it's really hard to even pull back none the less cut.
BUT if she tilts her head a little, it isn't so noticeable. 
Oh well... most of the time she's in clothes she picked out that don't match anyway, so a crooked hair cut would just be appropriate, right?
Does one cut even count as a haircut?
Yes, Courtney. 
and of course since I can't undo, I have to swallow that this really was her first hair cut.
and duh, I blog about stuff like that, so here's one to remember.
and the little blonde hairs I snipped lay in a ziplock tucked away in a drawer. 

and I vow to never cut my children's hair again.
Remind me of that when I complain about overpriced hair salons.


  1. Oh she looks CUTE!! Seriously! I think it's adorable and with a face like hers you could shave her whole head and it wouldn't matter! I'm never taking a scissors to Sophie's hair. Me or anyone else!! I'm obsessed too:) When she had bangs like Addie's I'd lick my fingers and slick them to the side and she'd suffer. Now they are long enough to get pulled in with her ponytails.

    She's so adorable!

  2. I found your blog and I adore it!! I'm now a follower : )

  3. she looks absolutely perfect!