Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Time

Spring inspires a lot around here. 
Cleaning, crafting, redecorating, and most appropriately gardening

For the past 2 years my flower beds have taken some real brutality.
I spent a lot of money on making the front beds nice and pretty the spring that I got pregnant with Adeline in 2008. I ended up getting Hyperemisis Gravardium and wasn't capable of even standing outside none the less keeping up with the yard. So weeds overtook the blossoms until Philip got tired of them and tilled the entire mess to just let grass grow that he could cut. 
To my surprise my very first hydrangea plant started to grow back even after he had tilled the beds. So when Adeline was a little baby I spent more time and care on restoring the beds. They looked really pretty in the Spring of 2009, and I kept up with them well.
Last spring (2010) rolled around it was an exact repeat of Spring 2008, and I'm JUST getting to tackling the mess. 

So over the past couple of weeks any time I'm able to go and pull weeds I do just that. 
I've really enjoyed the get away time, so I've been spending any spare moments in the yard. 

Yesterday after church I couldn't wait to get home and get into the yard. I planned on letting Philip, Adeline, and Gideon all nap while I ran my fingers through soft dirt, pruned old branches, and planted some new plants. 

Upon our arrival home, both babies were sleeping. -Score!
Until Adeline woke up during the car to bed transplant and she uncharacteristically [of course] refused to finish her nap.
Fine kid, come on out and help Mommy.
---uh, yea until we came inside every 2 minutes for: 2 time outs, 1 nap reattept, 2 potty breaks, and a drink.
So after what seemed like the 100th time, I put my gloves back on, headed back into the yard, and got about 5 minutes worth of work done, when the front door opens and I hear "MOMMA!"
My gloves flew off, and Adeline and I ran in faster than I could ever attempt to repeat. 
What I thought was an emergency was just the baby awake and Daddy's urgentness for my to hush him up so that DADDY could continue HIS nap.
So I nurse Gideon while Addie is throwing a royal fit to go back outside. 
Gideon's fed, Adeline is on my last thread of any patience remaining with her, and I dump her in bed with Daddy, shut the door, pack up Gideon in his carseat, and head back out. 

This time, I got some done!

My sweet little boy stayed awake as long as he could stand it until he drifted off and let me really get to work.

Before I was a mom, I hated getting dirty especially if it was combined with sweating.
Now, well I'm usually already dirty, so if I'm offered some sweating for a bit of a break I'll take it for sure! 

The sun was shining, and the breeze was blowing.
Two of my Amarillos were bloomed, 
and a few other plants are budding and waiting to blossom.

The weak ones got some tlc and the strong ones got a little grooming.
I hummed and breathed and really took in how great our God is to have created every little droplet of beauty in my well-earned evening outside.
He's so busy and so mighty in everything else that he does during all this world's moments, and for Him to provide little me with just an hour or two of time to breathe and marvel at what I've grown and sculpted even after rough times is just so awesome!

It was a nice Sunday afternoon after all!
When the work was done, the babies and I got to sit back and watch Daddy cut the grass.

I'm kind of proud of myself and how much I've grown.
There was a time when after the set backs of not getting to do what I wanted would have ruined a perfectly beautiful afternoon like yesterday's. 
A couple of deep breaths and I was able to let go of the little interruptions and appreciate what I have... even if one is throwing a wicked tantrum because the watering can had a clog in it from the grass she filled it with, or even if the other was whimpering because his sister just didn't understand that he really doesn't want that pacifier at the moment.
Thank you God for sweet Sundays!


  1. I am so happy that spring is here!

    Little man is just too cute. He is getting so big!

  2. I love looking at your flowers! THey always look so awesome!