Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thank You Cell Phone Camera

Our weekend started a little early. Thursday afternoon to be exact... Philip got off early for the weekend, so we took advantage and took a little trip to the gardening center at Lowes.
We came home with 2 hydrangeas (my favorite flower) and a lemon tree. 

After making everyone pancakes Friday morning, we all hopped in the car and headed the hour to New Orleans to the zoo.
This was Gideon's first trip to the zoo, but since he's only a little bitty bay he slept through almost all of it. 

Adeline's highlights were of course the turtles, a snake she got to pet, and a guinie pig too.
So while Gideon chilled in the Moby, Daddy ran after Addie running after an assortment of animals.
It was a really fun time, and we always enjoy the zoo!
After Daddy spoiled Addie's lunch with a snowcone, we enjoyed Houstons where I had my favorite salad.
When we came home I had to bake cookies for our marriage bible study, and little Gideon got a bath when I noticed he's looking super big now.
Saturday morning we got up and got the kiddies dressed for the Chouest Fest, which is just a fun little festival for those employed through Chouest, which would be Philip.

There we got a little bit of sun while Gideon snoozed in the stroller [I'm so awesome at timing nap time for outtings] and Addie climbed in and out of various bounce houses.
A cupcake followed a meltdown, and we headed home for nap.
I missed pictures of my friend Helen's birthday party, but we went there after nap, and then we came home to spend the sunset in the yard.
Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a day with God.
We jam pack so many plans into our weekends, and tomorrow we have church and then we plan to just rest and get some yard work done where we can enjoy the beautiful scenery He has given to us.
Sunday's are always the best, although the passed couple of days have been pretty lovely themselves.

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