Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Morning!

My babes are early risers.
We greet the sun as it rises into a sleepy sky.
We pee pee, we nurse, we make oatmeal or pancakes.
We sometimes throw fits over the pressured decision of milk or juice.
We change into a fresh diaper just to have breakfast pass through too quickly.
We talk the dog out to potty, and hide behind the swing so the neighbors don't get too much view of bed head and disheveled jammies [and lack there of].
We play choo choo train a little louder than normal because Daddy gets to sleep in, and some of us are a little jealous of that.
We scream at the dog for going near our unfinished breakfast.
We carry around "Baby Jack" and tuck him in because he has to take an early nap.
We pick out clothes.
We hid and find pacifiers.
We brush our teeth.
We sing songs and sometimes dance.
and then... maybe then it might be 7:00.

Have a graceful Sunday, ya'll! :)


  1. I love the picture of "baby Jack" all tucked in!!

  2. "Baby Jack" tucked in is my favorite too! So cute!

  3. ha! i love this! too cute!

  4. Might just be one of my fav posts ever! I love this little peek into your world:) So stinking cute!