Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gideon in Vintage

Can you call clothes vintage if they're only 24 years old?
Maybe not.
but I am.

When I was pregnant with Adeline, Philip's mom gave me a box full of some of his old clothes. 
Well, Adeline's a girl so needless to say she did not wear any of them.
[Although she is rocking some super cute Scooby Doo underoos now that Philip wore when he was little, and although her little booty is so cute in them, Philip would choke me if I posted a picture of her in her panties on my blog]

So I remembered I had them and of course Gideon has been rocking that "vintage". 
I think it was just so cute on him because 
1. It's just not his style [not that he has his own style yet, only what I dress him in, so I guess I meant my* style.]
2. They were his Daddy's clothes, and really a son wearing his daddy's clothes is kind of precious.
3. Because um he's pretty much just the cutest boy ever anyway! 
I mean, look at those eyes. Isn't he so cute? You've got to be awwwing out loud right now, and if not somewhere in your head you know you are.

Oh yea, I'm blogging about his clothes right now, huh?
 It was kind of fun dressing him up in some special little baby outfits.
Adeline always has tons of clothes, because I really find baby girl and toddler clothes SO cute and irresistible. 
But honestly, when I browse Target or Old Navy's little boys' section, I rarely see something jump out screaming "OMGbuymerightnowbutdon'ttellphilipyouboughtthiskidmoreclothes!"
So yea. I guess I just had fun with these. 
Plus it's cool since they're his daddy's clothes.


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  1. his long eye lashes make me melt!! so sweet!

    eloise wore the dedication dress that my mom, my sis, me and my niece wore! over 50 yrs old! i have a few things that were mine that hopefully i can pull out eventually--but she is mostly wearing new or 10 yr old hand-me-downs from my niece. i think it's awesome that you can dress gideon in philips old baby clothes.... it's so special!