Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Stuff

I've really been so excited about some of our summer activities. 

Besides the swimming, and the snow balls, and all of that fun stuff, I have a little one old enough for Vacation Bible School.
So crazy!
My church doesn't take the kids until around 4 (bummer) so Adeline went with her MiMi (Philip's mom) to her first VBS. 
She only went to one night of this particular one because it's in Montegut, which is considerable driving distance from here, but Sunday she starts @ another in Houma. 
She was pretty stoked about some puppets and a "Who can be the loudest [boys or girls]" contest they had. Of course she helped the girls win. Yea she's used to being loud. Just ask poor sleep deprived Gideon. 
Just kidding, he sleeps... when she does anyway. ;)
 She also got a tee shirt at VBS, which she slept in that night, and begged to wear the next day. 
I love that the older she is getting, the more conversation we are able to have and she can interpret about Jesus. It's really heart-warming to watch her learn and become a lover of our great Lord!

2 is a tough age! I know it's probably really rough on the volunteers/staff working with her and others in that age group. They aren't really about listening and following directions well. That combined with short attention spans and potty breaks and sharing issues can really make teaching this age group difficult. 

I really appreciate those who undertook the challenge of it, especially the challenge of Adeline alone,
but I really think it makes a big difference, and she's been showing a peaked interest of learning more.

She's also started "Mommy Day Camp". 
A group of friends from our church are hosting this. It's 1 day a week for 3 1/2 hours in the morning. 2 parents get together and host a day full of learning, crafts, eating, activities, lessons, and play directed toward a specific theme. 
Today the theme was "Bugs" and from the schedule we were given and the exhausted condition I picked my kid up in, I know she was busy and had a great time!
That's a little bug she painted made from an egg carton. I must admit picking up my kid with a cute little craft in her hand is really enough to make me squeeze probably too tight her even drenched in sweat and many layers of sunscreen.

I really felt for the Moms putting this on today. Mostly because I know Adeline herself is um...very strong-willed. But also because they had 20 kids between the ages of 1-5, and obviously their hands were very full. 
I'll have my taste next week though. 

My friend Candace and I are hosting a bird day. Shoot me an email if you have an craft/activity/snack ideas involving birds that are on a preschool (or younger) level. 


  1. I love your blog banner! So cute and perfect!! What a beautiful little family!

  2. oh! How cute are they?! Love this! Love her. Love that little bug! Love that you are enjoying summer!

  3. I love the idea of having kid parties just for the fun of it. I think the bird idea will be tons of fun...some ideas that came to mind...
    1. Make bird houses (similar to gingerbread houses) with graham crackers & frosting
    2. Get a pack of feathers all different colors (from hobby lobby or walmart) and have the kiddos try to keep the feather in the air with their breath
    3. Using those same feathers they could decorate pre cut bird cutouts that had their names somewhere on them.
    Then they could have a bird to take home with their bird house.
    Good luck with your party!!

  4. a lot of places around here don't offer VBS for toddlers either... that's nice that adeline was able to go to one! the mommy day camp thing sounds EXHAUSTING! good luck! perhaps making some kind of little mask with a beak would be fun?? although they may end up poking each other (or themselves!) with a beak!

  5. Hey Courtney, I found a list of pre-school bird crafts:

    Hope this helps!