Thursday, June 16, 2011

VBS & Rice Cereal

Creative title, huh?
Yea, this post is about VBS and rice cereal.
It may be lacking in excitement, but it's overdosing in cuteness!
Oh yes!!

Addie started Vacation Bible School @ Church of Christ in Houma Sunday night.
My mother in law went with her, since it is her church.
They went from 6:30-8:30 and she hasn't been getting home until right after 9.
Her bed time is typically 8:00, so that explains why she looks so sleepy in the photos I made her take with her craft of the night.
Poor kid would come in, walk to the wall for her picture, and head to the back for bed.
It was really cute. :)
The theme was "Creation" and they did a fantastic job entertaining the kids. She came home with a few crafts and projects and lessons and songs every night. I'm so happy she got to experience how cool God is at such a young age. My little Squiggy!

On another note, I did start Gideon on rice cereal, and he loves it!
He wasn't so sure about it at first, but ever since has been eating it like he's been on it his whole life.
I only fix him about an oz a day though, so he's still obviously primarily breastfed. I just want him to start getting used to textures so he can hopefully be a healthy eater like his sister.
Anyway, these are pictures from his very first cereal feeding.


  1. Your kids always look like they are enjoying life so much! Y'all are such great parents!

  2. LOVE everything about this post! I'm starting Sophie in VBS (I'll be her teacher) next week! And that little man of yours? Flipping adorable!
    ps- i ordered that book yesterday! Can't wait!

  3. that pig mask--too funny! oink!

    that cereal is THICK! my box directions made our cereal practically like water! i started making it thicker though.. but not that thick! your little booger is getting so big!! :)