Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gideon @ 4 months

Really? Really! 4 whole months, my sweet baby boy is. 
Sometimes I find myself wondering what color his hair will be when it grows in, or will he be as gentle-natured as he is now when he's a toddler, or how well he will get along with his sister when he's older. 
But more times I find myself smelling his sweet baby head and kissing his neck and soaking in his soft skin and sweet lips. 
Babies are really cool. :)

Gideon is 13 lbs 15 oz. 
He's in the 70th percentile in height, and advanced in all of his milestones. 
 He wears a size 6 month and a size 2 diaper. 
Gideon enjoys joining us at the table now in his purple handed-down Bumbo.
He is always in tow, and usually really good at outings, but he still hates riding in the car. 
He is sleeping well at night, but is having trouble napping during the day for long periods of time. 
He is resisting my dominant need to be on a schedule. 
Gideon is always so charming with strangers and new faces. 
His daddy makes his entire face light up.
Adeline's voice can stop his cry and make him immediately excited. 
Gideon loves to be tickled underneath his ribs on his side, and he loves to be lifed up high in the air. 
 He enjoys his little crinkly elephant and his monkey rattle. 
He is really strong and if not buckled into a seat, his carseat, or his swing, he has the power to squirm right out of it.
He rolls over from back to belly and belly to back frequently.
Gideon loves to smile and giggle. 
He is really sweet while he nurses and holds onto my chest. 
He is really just sweet all of the time. 

He has a shy smile and a happy heart. 
Gideon loves being held and would rather that I stay in his eye sight.
He also loves peeing. All over!!!
He is constantly drooling, biting, and patiently waiting for those two bottom teeth to break skin. 
He found his feet a few days ago.
I love this little baby boy and the way he fills my heart up with so much joy!

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  1. he is just the cutest ever! my sis would kill me if she knew i said this.. but she's even cuter than her boys were!!

    eloise just found her feet too! :)