Friday, July 29, 2011

Look atcha sitting, Gideon!

I blog milestones, right? Right.
Here's one for you:
Remember yesterday when I was in the hospital having Gideon?
I do!
and today he's SITTING UP!

Seriously. He's acting like he'll be 6 months next month.
Alright kid, you're a baby remember?
The nerve!

Really this is a cool and awful thing at the same time.
Cool=he's pretty stoked to be sitting up by himself.
Awful=Between rowdy Adeline and Gracie I can see him being knocked over already.
Cool=he sat up 2 months earlier than Addie did
Awful=why is he moving so quickly?
Cool=I think he's going to be an early crawler too
Awful=This baby is growing up before my eyes!

I love this boy.
and I kind of want him to lay back down in a swaddled blanket and have nothing more to do than to dream of me again. 


  1. it happens toooooo fast! but man, is he CUTE!!!

  2. Teehehehe I love pics of Gideon. He's such a big boy, sitting up all by himself and stuff!

  3. Sha...look how excited he is! Too cute!