Thursday, July 28, 2011


When I was 14 I was invited to join my friend and her family on their annual vacation to Pensacola, Florida. 
I'd never been to the beach before, and I remember counting down for months how many days left until the beach. 
[The date was June 22, 2002 haha 9 years later I remember that.]
I still remember the first time I saw the sand, and played in the waves, and tasted salt water, and got stung by a jellyfish. 
I remember the first time I saw dolphins playing in the water, got overtaken by the mighty ocean, and felt fish swim alongside my legs.
I remember how much fun we had exploring and taking pictures and riding bikes. 
I also remember that was the summer I fell in love with my best friend's cousin, Philip.
We started dating a few short months afterward, and have been together, every day since. 
He gave me a promise ring there.
He took me to honeymoon there.
and last week he took our family there. 
It was a spectacular get away to my favorite place. 
I was happy to show my children how beautiful God made this world and the moments in which we are given in it. 
Now this vacation wasn't as relaxing as the ones before. 
Actually it was anything but relaxing, but it was entertaining
 Every moment was filled with redirecting, diaper changing, "please eat your food", "please don't throw sand", cleaning off dropped pacifiers, "please excuse her she didn't have her nap today", "more sunscreen will save you from screaming this afternoon during your shower", ducking off into restrooms or a hot car to nurse, locating lost items in or unorganized luggage, and things of the nature. 
Besides the chaos of traveling and vacationing with 2 2& under, we had moments we just wanted to stop and embrace and cuddle with. 
It was a good time, and I'm thankful to God we got the chance to take our little ones to a place so special to us.


  1. Who would have known vacationing with my kooky family would start a lifetime of happiness? Looks like y'all had a great time! I couldn't tell you how many times I thanked God while I was there for creating such a glorious place!!

  2. I didn't know Pensacola had so many memories for you guys! How awesome!

  3. Oh, what a beautiful & sweet story...& place. :)