Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When our house is quiet...

something's up!
and yesterday, while I was playing with Gideon, I paused.
and nothing.

This is where I found her:
Baby Jack needed to be changed. Oh he then needed a nap. Yesterday baby Jack also had time out, was sent to his room, and got to swing. He stood up in the shopping cart. He didn't listen. He spit up, his clothes had to be changed. Baby Jack had to take a bath..........that baby was busy yesterday.

It could just be me, but man a little girl playing baby dolls is just super cute. 

This picture of Gideon makes me laugh out loud. Hehe.

Oh my, [deep breath] do you smell the ocean air?
mmmmmmmmm, I'm about to ;)


  1. Oh my. Totally adorable. And also why I will be bolting all of my furniture to the floor when I have a baby. Haha.

  2. that is totally adorable! what a cutie pie your daughter is. love the dress tucked in the undies! haha!! looks like you're setting a good example for adeline (not the underwear part.. i mean the "taking care of baby" part!) lol