Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cranky Blogging

I'm pretty sure I would love to have it all together. 
Yep. I would. 
...but I don't.
I am so tired by this time of the day. 
My feet hurt from bouncing a baby while simultaneously chasing my 2 year old, and 42 other tasks too.
and while this time is usually the time when babies calm down and go to bed and I should be running like crazy to finish everything I couldn't complete during the day.... mostly I just want to cuddle in my bed and do nothing. 

I spent most of today making baby shower decorations, vacuuming, sanitizing toys, and making baby food. 
In between that entertaining Gideon who was beyond cranky today.
(could be from teething, possibly from the stuffy nose he probably picked up from church nursery, or maybe because of the alcohol burn on his sensitive cheeks from Adeline rubbing him down with hand sanitizer yesterday while I was in the bathroom.) 
Who knows. But I do know I made him try brocolli today, and he was really angry at me for that.

And my other one? She's been punished to her room for the evening for coloring on my chair with a marker. (Apparently washable is a lie when it comes to upholstery)  
Yesterday it was my walls... 
(dry erase markers leave faint traces even after Mr. Clean eraser nearly scrubs the paint off the walls.) 

So yea. I'm sitting here at the kitchen bar, and when I look around I see food that needs to go into the freezer, dishes that need to be scrubbed, a high chair and a table that need a wipe down, toys in the living room that need to be picked up, clothes that need to be hung, and floors that need to be (yet again) vacuumed (thanks crazy shedding Labradoodle)
Oh yea, and a naked child that needs pajamas along with a stern reminder about her belonging in her room since she is punished for the night. 

Are you getting a cranky vibe from me?
I'm sorry. 
You see I make lists. 
and when I can't come close to completing them...
I get cranky...

but I think this will start being normal...
not the cranky part, but the not being able to get EVERYTHING done part. 

I have a whoooooole lot to do
and with two active babies and 7293 other things going on there isn't a lot of time.

Hmm.. this post isn't feeling much like me...
Let me throw some positivity in here:
-Adeline did awesome with her numbers lesson this week, and she's even starting to try to write them out.
 -I recently got out a lot of Addie's old baby toys for Gideon, so he's hit the new toy jackpot! 
-The first chapter of Crazy Love changed my life, and I'm loving this book! 
-I just discovered Instagram. Love it! (CourtneyKeb)
-I ordered some new Veggie Tales DVDs just so I could get something cool in the mail. I love mail. 

-I just got a super cute new diaper bag that I love! 

-I've recommitted to my weight loss goals since I fell way off the wagon a month ago.

So.... I've got a lot going on, and although I feel exhausted at this very moment, 
over all I feel blessed to be able to live like I am. 
The couple of pairs of blue eyes I get to look into every day always make me remember that what I do-what we do-- is well worth it.

Thank you Lord!


  1. That Adeline is something else!! You can't help but think it's funny, even though it's naughty.

  2. About 2 years ago Lexie took to our sofa & loveseat at the time, which were ivory by the way, with blue & orange WASHABLE markers. Yeah...washable, right? NOT!
    I do lists as well, but I make a daily list, which is big time stress because Lord knows there are not enough hours in a day when you are a stay at home Mommy to 2 little ones! I have a little more time now with Lexie being in Pre-k, but I mostly just want to relax & be lazy, lol. I think I will start doing weekly lists, instead of daily, that way I give myself more time to get things done!

  3. i fell off the weight loss wagon too... ugh... i know i need to get back on that......

    you have nice hand writing! and A LOT on your list!!! i think you should give yourself a pat on the back for getting even a couple of those things done!! :)