Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Afternoon Picnic

Yesterday was one of those days where I could sit inside and pout about some ways of this world and some of the evil in people. 
I could let negitivity seep inside of my mind tainting my daily routine and more importantly my job in parenting. 
I could see God's beauty through strawberries, His grace in warm breezes, and His love through my giggling babies.
Obviously I go with that.
So I packed a bag full of things you'd bring to a picnic.
Then I amped up the kids until we were all oozing with anticipation for an adventure. 
and finally we went in the back yard for a picnic, just the 3 of us.
The kids were stoked for this change of scenery. Our back and front porch has been infested with brown widow spiders, so I've pretty much been petrified to take them outside. That and it has been in the upper 90s after all. 
It's so easy to get Gideon to smile for a picture. He's into peek a boo right now, so all I have to do is play peek a boo from behind my camera and he's all gummy grins. 
This one however, I have to settle for a candid strawberry chomping shot because she's decided that after 2 1/2 years of being bothered by the Mamarazzi that she's had enough and will no longer willingly give me a smile for a photo. 
So while Addie and I feasted on fruit, Gideon teethed on some frozen watermelon. He likes it chilled, but he didn't really like the freeze of frozen. Oh well.
We whispered secrets that only babies understand, talked about the things outside that God made so perfectly, oh and Princess Tianna made us all grilled cheeses and oatmeal pies.
and when Gideon wasn't serving as a Princess dance floor...
...he was getting his learn on. What can I say? We make smart babies.
It was a good evening for a picnic. 
It made my heart happy.

& after thoughts:
-We WhoDat'd it up because the Saint's game was yesterday evening (Sorry about that Raiders.)
-I forgot to mention the hysterical laugh both of my children had when an ant crawled up my shorts provoking the most obnoxious jump around get out of my pants ant dance ever. 
-This photo is blurry and out of focus, but it makes me laugh because I wasn't even looking through the lens, I just put my camera down and snapped and when I looked through the pictures today I saw how funny it looks:
...poor bald baby 
You'll get some hair some day, and I promise I won't put it in piggy tails. ;)


  1. ah, i'm in love with the picture of her face in his hands, and their smiles.
    utter sweetness :)

  2. that last pic is hilarious!

    AGH! upper 90's? YUCK! we are in the 70's these days... WOOT!

    looks like a wonderful picnic! :)

  3. Oh, I love this post Courtney! Beautiful pictures as always of your gorgeous, smart babies!
    I must say that I do LOVE the Mamarazzi too, ha! First time I have ever heard that.
    & Gideon's pigtails...awesome! ;)