Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Last Saturday I woke up to an immediate 3 thoughts:
-1. It's way too early, I need coffee. 
-2. Yay, everyone including the dog slept through the  night... atleast up until 5am.
-3. I have to take Christmas card pictures today.
 So I changed, pottied, and fed kids+puppy. Scooped all three up, and drove straight to Starbucks where I indulged in way too expensive coffee for the first time in months. 
I had let Philip sleep in and brought him home a grande caramel frappe, his favorite, because I knew I'd need his help for pictures, and he couldn't possibly turn me down after delivering him breakfast in bed.
I hadn't bought any cute coordinating outfits, and I didn't have much of a plan, but the sunlight was right on and I wanted to take advantage of the crisp morning air. I threw clothes on the kids, brushed their little strawberry blonde hairs, and with some sweet kisses and a coffee I lured the Daddy outside to help promote baby giggles for the camera. 
 Can I just say that getting 2 kids, 2 and under to smile or do something cute simultaneously is really rough. 
One would smile, the other would blink. One would drool the other would pick her nose. 
One is whining the other is laughing. One is screaming the other doing something weird with her eyelids.
Cue playful puppy pouncing in on baby laps just as a good shot would have taken place.
 Gideon was gnawing on glittered ornaments, Adeline was throwing them for Scarlet to fetch, and I was becoming impatient at not matching my  cute-babies-cuddling-fluffy-puppy Christmas card vision. 
Aw man, where'd that puppy disappear off to anyway?
I love my husband.
and just as my caffeine induced cheerfulness started to fade into a bitter grumpiness, Philip scooped up my favorite Shabby Chic quilt and gave the kiddies a care-free, baby-hysterical fun-ride.
I'd be lying if I didn't say my first reaction was a slight gasp at the thought of grass stains marking my blanket, but it made me stop, take a breath, and enjoy our craziness. 
 It made me grateful for a husband who can without any words or communication, sense my frustration and know how to quickly turn it around. 
It made me so grateful for a daddy who truly lives to see two little smiles and hear two belly giggles. 
It made me so thankful that all three of them were mine.
So I happily thankfully take it. 
All of the craziness.
All if the imperfection.
All of the spontaneity. 
All off the absolute awesomeness from this little quirky family we've created.
We are so richly blessed.


  1. I loved everything about this post! Beautiful family! So which picture did you choose? I love the idea of the bulbs.

  2. I agree with Megan! This is a beautiful, perfect post! When everything is going crazy & nothing seems to be going right we need to remember to step back, take a look at things & just breathe & smile. Can't wait to see the Christmas cards!