Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thinking Christmas Gifts

I'm finished with Christmas shopping!!!
Yay! [and I didn't even get to do any Black Friday shopping because my wallet was lost (I was convinced it was stolen) So I called and cancelled all my cards and pouted for my inability to shop yesterday. Then I remembered I took the kids to Chick Filet Wednesday for lunch which was the last place I used my wallet, so I called last night on a whim and they had it and I felt like a really big idiot for pouting and crying and wasting our entire morning on looking for a wallet that was so lost I knew some scum bag stole. (Sorry scumbag that doesn't even exist.) (And hello, giant run-on sentence).]

It was much easier than ever before!
This year we decided to only buy toys for the kids in our families, and gift pictures of our kids for the rest of our families. The time has come when it's just simply what we can afford.
Plus I always bake for everyone anyway.
 [shout out delicious apple pie with my secret= Caramel sauce]
So all of the little ones in our lives are having a LuLeLo's Melissa and Doug Christmas, and Santa may bring Adeline and Gideon a little something extra [a fishing pole and a baby Simba toy]. 
He did, after all send us a Labradoodle early!
A cute one, at that.

I would have liked to do some handmade gifts like I often do, but honestly I just don't have the time.
So I thought if you might be looking for some handmade gifting ideas, I'd link some for you here.
 These are owl tag toys for baby with a tutorial too.
I forgot about these until I noticed in my blog stats that it's a link that has been revisited often lately and even been pinned a few times on Pintrest.
Haha, I'm kind of a geek, and I told my husband something like this,
Me: "OMG you know how people like me pin cute things they want to do or buy on Pintrest?"
Him: "Yea."
Me: "Those owl tag toys I made the babies for Christmas last year have been pinned like 8 times by no one I know, isn't that cool???????"
Him: "By no one you know?"
Me: "Yea, that means they didn't feel obligated to like them, they really actually did."
Him: "Cool."

Haha, another link that has been popular on my blog lately is these DIY hooded towels, which I made two years ago, and can I say still are holding up fantastically and are the favorite bath time towel picks.
I need to make some for Gideon!
This post has a link to an easy apron, freezer paper stenciling for a onesie or tee shirt, and a couple of easy bibs and burp clothes you could make really quickly.
I think I might actually do an apron for that Santa stealing Christmas game gift thing for our Bible study group. So I'm glad I reminded myself of that.

Gah, dork.

Okay, well I have presents to wrap, paper snowflakes to make, and a diaper to change.
Our Christmas tree is up, and although normally my Christmas spirit is in full gear on November 1st, this year it took a little longer.
No worries, I'm on my game now.
My Christmas game.
Just call me,
Mrs. Clause.



  1. OMG! You MADE those owls? I thought you were linking up to another blog, but then I clicked and saw it was a post of yours! I don't know how I missed that post!

    Your stuff got pinned?! How flattering!

    I love you and Phil's conversation. They just don't get pinterest.

  2. ha!
    I would freak out if something of mine ended up on pinterest.

    that's so awesome :)
    and those owls are super cute!!!

  3. Lane just does not understand pinterest either. Those owls are AMAZING. Sewing scares the beejibus out of me so when I have kids can I pay you to make me cute stuff like that??? lol