Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome, December.

There's a whole lotta jolly going on around these parts right now.
I'm talking stockings on the mantle,
[with simple  monograms since we're always adding family members around here.]
hot cocoa,
[with marshmellows, 3 bigs or 6 smalls work for us]
decorated snowflakes,
[glitter everywhere]
[plenty of spoon licking]
oh, and cookie-eating.
[uh huh, the baby gets a cookie]
 Lets see, we've got a big ole Christmas tree,
[that the dog drinks water from, the baby swats at branches, and the toddler rearranges ornaments on]
footie, fleece pajamas 
[wait for it.............]
DOUBLE footie fleece pajamas
[cue awwww]
[and can I pause right here and state that my two babies in matching jammies, in front of our Christmas tree, posing ever so cheesy, really really makes my heart ache with really giddy/geeky happiness? I mean it hurts, its so cute.]
aaaand play
Oh and don't forget our puppy girl.
[with her super funny underbite]

Yea, lots of magic at our house right now. I'm pretty happy about December. :)


  1. These pictures are so sweet, Courtney! Hey, what kind of camera do you have? I'm considering getting a DSLR, so I'm just curious. :-)