Sunday, January 29, 2012

9 Weeks #3 Update

Baby Belly 3

Okay, so my body and uterus are all like "take your places guys, we've got another baby in here to make room for."
I'm learning that my body is really good at assuming the pregnancy position.
[My bladder however is totally over it. It's worn and tired and already waking me up twice at night begging to be emptied.]

I mean seriously I didn't show for Adeline until about 14 or 15 weeks.
Gideon at about 11 or 12 weeks.
and I'm showing so much right now I look like 4 months pregnant at 9 weeks!
and this little baby bean is just the size of a grape! (I like to think a big plump green grape not a tiny purple one... although I did see him/her on an ultrasound Thursday and he/she didn't really look like a grape at all)
I do realize that it's debatable whether it's me showing or just not able to suck my post Gideon gut in.
Either way, I rub it in public so that people get the point.

This pregnancy has brought some [not so] lovely comments so far (to my face & behind my back) (Hi people.), and at the rate I'm growing I have a feeling they could continue.
Yes. This is my third baby.
Yes. I just had a baby last year.
No. I'm not crazy.
No. I didn't plan it this way.
God did, so take your negativity and take a hike.
I'm back to abusing my pregnancy hormones excuse when I rant. Yhusss!
I recently read this post at take heart and it made me so happy and relate so much that I wanted to email her and ask her if she could be my BFF. She might think I'm weird though, so I didn't.
There are plenty enough people in the Courtney is weird club.( Hi people)

So yes. Please be kind. I have a mirror. I am well aware I'm gigantic. I am well aware I will continue to grow more ginormous by the moment. Thanks.

Here's how I'm feeling so far:
-thankful to GOD!
-already waking up twice at night to pee
-so. very. exhausted

I've had hyperemisis gravardium in both of my previous pregnancies.
Although I am sick, I'm not claiming that this go round. Just praying and praying and praying.
I've really found a lot of inspiration in this scripture that I have written on my bathroom mirror right now:
He replied, "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20
(This parable that Jesus speaks in is also in Luke 17:5)
I truly love reading about the things Jesus says.
This verse popped up on my facebook wall one day when I was laying in bed feeling really defeated and sick. I immediately researched it, and have taken a great interest and understanding and application to it.
The apostles wanted Jesus to increase their faith, and he simply told them what the faith the size of a mustard seed could do. A mustard seed is pretty small, like the size of the point on your pencil.
The thing is, God gives us the measure of faith.
I just need to build on what He's given me.
I loved this source on 
Mustard Seed Faith
"You use the same faith to administer healing as you do when you believe that God created the world. 
You use the same faith to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and you made a confession that He is your Lord and Savior. 
You use the same faith to believe that you have received the Holy Spirit when you asked. 
You use the same faith to believe you have received wisdom when you ask. 
You use the same faith to believe God hears you when you pray. 
You use the same faith to believe you are made righteous and justified after you are born again. 
This same faith comes through you with power and conviction when you lay hands on people and pray for others to receive healing or deliverance. " 

So a look upward:
Here's what I'm looking forward to with this pregnancy:
-pregnancy hair. It gets thicker and lovelier and I like it.
-the point where people knowing I'm carrying a baby and not letting my gut hang out.
-gender time! boyorgirlboyorgirlboyorgirl????? this wait kills me!
-warmer weather so I can ditch pants and wear dresses.
-using these tutorials: belly band / maternity dress
-naming this baby, because the name is.... kinda a big deal.
-pretty much the delivery, I love having babies. It's fun!
HurHur... nobutreallyI'mreadyfortheendofAugust/September2ndbecausekidifyouain'therebythenhookmeuponthatPitocinyo

Man I've got a long way to go here... 


  1. Poop on people making negative comments. A baby means happy time no matter what. THEY aren't the ones having to carry it & feel sick so again, poop on them. I continue to pray that you get HG (thats what I call it cos I dont know how to pronounce/spell it)!

  2. What is it with people? You can't do anything right. Pre-baby, they're all like, "so, are you ever going to have a baby? There's a time-limit on getting knocked up, you know." Then, after the second baby, they're all like, "Another baby!? Don't you know how those things are made!?"

    I love the idea of having all your little ones close in age. And, I am continually amazed that people think they have the right to judge others about their reproductive decisions.

  3. Um Thank you @ Shalyn & Carly Anne! Ya'll are both SO right! :) Thanks for the support :)!!!

  4. People need to mind their own beeswax!! Even if you DID plan on trying to have another so quickly... it's totally between you, your hubby and God! I think you look great and I look forward to following along like I did with Gideon! Although - this time we won't be pregnant at the same time! haha! :) Praying for your good health!

  5. @Nen Thank you! I don't really see how it matters to anyone not raising our babies & I don't really care how many kids anyone else has. The people who talk always talk though. Nothing I'm not used to. Thanks for your support and prayers, girl!