Sunday, January 29, 2012

Look at our New Nephew

Philip's brother's first baby, Harrison Jude was born January 20th! 
They live in Mississippi, and unfortunately we couldn't be there, but I am so excited to be feeling better soon so we can make it their way and squeeze that baby!

He's a teeny tiny bundle of absolute adorableness and innocence!
Handsome too, I tell ya!
So raise your hand if you're like me and you drool over super cute newborn baby photos?

Don't worry, I'm posting anyway for you party-poopers who aren't hands up right now.

So sweet and cuddly cute!
More photos here @ Brad's flickr 

 Bradley took some really amazing photos of us and our newborns, and he's very talented!
( I just went to link up to a post on my blog with some, but I can't find any? So here are two of my favorites!)
How cute is Gideon's booty in that tool box? So cute I put it on enlarged canvas in my hallway, that's how cute! & When Adeline sees the other picture she says Mommy why you was nakie? Which I totally wasn't, I had a tube top thing on, but I guess it does kind of look like that?
I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for Harrison.
No seriously I stalk his flickr.

Congratulations Brad & Jessica!
We are so incredibly happy for you!


  1. He is absolutely adorable!!

    And I love the things Adeline says... NAKIE... ha! That cracks me up!