Monday, January 30, 2012

Gearing Up for a Birthday Party

Adeline's 3rd birthday is on Sunday, and Gideon's 1st birthday is on Valentine's Day.
So, I'm kinda slacking, but here we go into birthday party planning mode.
I don't have the energy to get as creative as I did last year with her Mickey party, but with the Adeline-chosen theme of The Lion King, I'm definitely not minding buying the character plates, cups, and napkins I've always strayed from before. It works because boyboy likes The Lion King too, I think he'll be pretty excited too.
It's pretty much both the kids' favorite movie right now, and I have to bribe Adeline to stop pretending to be a lion many times throughout the day!
 So this Sunday I detached myself from the couch, sat up at the computer, and birthday planned, online shopped, and then blogged about it, heeeeyyy.
It's kind of just going to be a casual, hey you can come hang out with us, bring your kids to jump on the rented boucey thing in the back yard, and eat some cake kind of party. I'm really praying that I feel strong on their big day.

I'm going to decorate the house in a orange and yellow with a bit of green, and between the two kids, pull some Lion King toys for decoration too. Actually, that could be lying. I'm really probably going to make my sister do it. Philip too. They will probably be the ones doing things.  Adeline and I did two paintings for her party a few weeks ago before I was too sick, so I'm glad we got that out of the way. 

Oh, and my friend Talia is going to make their cake or cupcakes or whatever she can for the party, which I'm stoked about for three reasons:
-My cupcakes for Addie's first birthday party was a big fat homemade BUST, and my cake box store icing cupcakes for her second birthday party were UGLY!
-Talia is awesome with anything cakes/cupcakes. You get yumm and you get cute!
-That means I don't have to do it, and since the kitchen is my enemy right now I'll take it!!!!

I ordered stuff like this which will definitely make my soon to be three year old hyperventilate in excitement!
and then I remembered that they need birthday outfits.
So I went to trusty Old Navy (dot com) and ordered up these cuties:

I didn't even have to click around and shop for long. I saw the yellow in these two pieces and added to cart, checked out, and BAM.

That was fun.

We're hoping for good health for me on each of the kid's individual birthdays and for their birthday party together. I had such big plans for this month, and I don't want any of it to suffer on my account. Looking forward to loving and spoiling these two little ones for their special day! Thankful for my job.

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