Sunday, February 26, 2012

Addie and Gideon's 3rd and 1st Birthday Party

Okay, so two weeks ago, we threw our babies a birthday party!

It was crazy and well anticipated by our freshly turned 3 year old. 
She was super stoked about everyone coming to play at her house, and she literally went to bed and woke up every single day talking about it and imagining what it would be like. After it was all over Saturday night she said, "Mom, it was just like Christmas except we forgot to have a Christmas tree."

Gideon, however really couldn't have cared less. He started walking right before the party so maybe that was his way of preparing. Or showing off like a little man ;)

There were 67 people packed in our house. Luckily I decided to shell out the extra cash to have some kiddie energy bouncing in the back yard. I paid my friend Talia to make the kids cake, I paid some discount birthday website for the decorations, and I paid very little attention to making a lot of personal or homemade touches to this party. What can I say? I was in my first trimester of my third pregnancy while trying to keep the other two kiddies alive and healthy before their birthday party. 

It has been such a mild winter with warmish weather, and of course a cold front comes through the day before party day and it's FREEZING out! That and I was so busy doing last minute things I didn't get to put much make up on or fix my hair before I had a living room full of company. Gideon has never had a bump or a bruise in his life and he gets TWO right on his face the day before the party. All in all I found it was a little stressful and I was a little unprepared. I rolled with it though because there were a bunch of sweet faces there having a good time, and that's what it's all for, right?!

I'm really not sure where my head was at, because I didn't touch my camera once during the entire party. Good thing my sister picked it up and took the photos. Otherwise I'd have been seriously bummed. 
So I'm going to throw what I can into this post. I don't really feel like editing them, there's so many pictures and so little time and patience for  me on this ancient computer.
There was a mountain of gifts for the kids in the corner of the living room that Adeline was completely oblivious to for a while because I had The Lion King playing on the TV. 
My sister made this banner for my mantel too! I was really grateful for that ;) and all of the random streamers I made her tape to my walls! The painting is one Adeline and I did together of Mufasa and Simba. 
This was the super cute and delicious cake Talia made for us! We realized at approximately PARTY TIME that we didn't have candles, so my Mom ran to the dollar store and got those for us. I wish I'd have a picture of the cake before Philip put the candles in, it was really cute, Talia is talented. I maybe stressed out a little bit because I was worried it wouldn't feed everyone. I told Talia a cake to feed 30-40 would be plenty, and we really ended up needing a cake to feed 50-60. She made it work though, I think everyone got some! I was also a little stressed about the amount of kids who poked, licked, and scraped the cake icing off before we could cut it. I'm sort of nerdy about how things are supposed to go, and I need to channel my spontaneous husband a little more for things like that. I think I need a bigger table though because the arm length of these kids was underestimated ;)
No one cried while we sang Happy Birthday! :) 
I made sure Adeline got a piece of cake, and after that I pretty much just laughed at Gideon eating his. He was pretty into it, and I love watching babies bathe in icing! ;) 
That was some really good cake!
The jump house and static electricity hair was a big hit!! Philip and I went crazy a little after party day and even looked into buying one of these to reuse every year instead of renting. It was so fun watching the kids in this, and for me it was even more fun watching Philip play in it before anyone even came over!
Present time was chaotic because there were so many gifts and it was hard to keep track of what was for Addie or Gideon and what was from who. I felt so bad because I had to have Addie write a generic thank you card for everyone (yea need stamps to mail them, but they've been in my purse for 2 weeks). The kids were so happy with their new gifts and their cards and clothes and I thank everyone for being so generous to them! 

It was really a nice time having everyone over and although it seemed totally crazy on that day, I remember Gideon and Adeline smiling and laughing a lot! I wish I'd have gotten some more pictures. Next year I plan on being NOT pregnant and on the ball with it! :) Either way Adeline and Gideon had family who loved them there and tons of incredibly sweet friends. 

Lovely Birthday Party for our 1 and 3 year old babies!


  1. i LOVE the pic of adeline blowing out the candles and gideon watching! and the static hair pic is probably my fav!! Happy (belated) Birthday(s) to your sweet babies!

  2. It was a great party, Juli had so much fun! Thanks for inviting us!

  3. I love all the pictures and they looked like they had a great time! They are just too cute together!

  4. Oh, the birthday party looks so fun! i love the theme you picked, and their outfits are too cute! :-)