Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little Vacation

Friday morning I checked into the hospital for some fluids. At first I felt terrible and defeated and super down. I was really tired too. It's really embarrassing for me to have to go in and go through the process of getting admitted because when I'm that low I can't walk and all I do is cry. (The nurse who started (and failed 3 times) my IV asked while I sniffled and moaned "Is this your first pregnancy?" No my third "Oh, how old is your oldest?" three. "OH HAHA WOW" and my soft cry goes from hysterical I cannot breathe cry. "I'll stop talking so you stop crying." thank you.) I hadn't kept anything down for two days, and I couldn't sleep through the nausea at night so I puked instead of slept. Yea, that's exhausting. When it gets really hard like that sometimes I just have to rehydrate to get back on my feet. Once I got some fluids and meds and my throat started to heal I was feeling better I was totally cool with it though.
They didn't even make me wear a hospital gown this time. 
Plus I got wheeled to ultrasound (and passed the cafeteria where they were FRYING FISH at 10am!!! Stupid fish.) and got to see a sweet little baby moving about in my belly. 
and baby was suckin' a thuuuuuumb! 
I didn't have to keep down meds because they went through my IV. 
I didn't have to eat a thing because the fluids were my food, and we had to let my throat and esophagus heal so it'd stop bleeding from the rawness of acid erosion.  
I didn't have to change diapers, wipe butts, pick up spills, and feed and chase children for two days!

While I do not typically enjoy my stays here at the hospital, this one felt like a vacation. 
You know, minus the beach and water and plus the needles.

It's weird, but it was kinda of nice not throwing up for two days and not even having to force myself to eat. 
Philip's been working so much I hardly ever see him anymore, but lucky for me he felt sorry enough for me to take off of work and keep me company.
 We pretty much just did this: 
-watched Mr. Deeds
-exceeded our data plans on iphone words with friends and family fued
and when he went home I slept WITHOUT having to wake up to take anyone to the bathroom or change a diaper or walk a dog.
I came home with a new love for Sprite, which I'm sure I'll be over by Tuesday or something.
I missed my babies so it was good to cuddle on them again. 
Then life resumed and I was back on duty.
Being on duty is a lot easier when I feel well.

Oh well, at least no one is waking me up to check my vitals anymore.

I had a dream baby was a girl a while back so I've been convinced we'd get another sister. Now I'm starting to second guess and think baby is a boy. So since I'm all confused and can't make up my mind I put up a poll over there top right of the blog. Tell me what you think it is. I'm usually always wrong, and for Adeline it seemed like everyone guessed girl and for Gideon everyone guessed boy. So you're pretty much probably righter than me in gender guessing my baby.
We will know in March! 


  1. OH NO! so sorry to hear! you are in my prayers!!

  2. I hope you are feeling better! Happy to hear Phillip made a special trip back home for you that was really sweet! I know when you are feeling down sometimes just seeing your husband face makes everything better! I'm praying for you and your babies throughout your pregnancy. I hope this one doesn't take too much of a toll on your body. Can't wait to hear the good news of what y'all are expecting!

  3. Oh, Courtney, that sounds awful! I'm glad you are back home now and doing okay. Praying the rest of your pregnancy is smoother.

    And I think it's a girl. :-)