Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Between feeding the hungry things around here
and loading endless laundry into these things [that are killing me softly]
I've been playing a little with this:
and oh what fun that is!
I really love to paint, but I'm still so low on energy I find myself caving to the back ache and stopping and starting a million times, which is always a challenge while trying to either dodge the little ones or catch them sleeping.
I started with painting the baby cradle:
I primed it first and then put a coat of sample paint I found in the back of my craft closet.
I was pretty proud of my work, and Adeline could hardly wait for it to dry to stick a doll in there.
Philip's grandfather actually made this for Adeline shortly after she was born, but up until now it has been utilized with sleeping baby dolls and stuffed turtles.
Apparently Philip wasn't too impressed because his reply to my handy work was, "I can't believe you painted that; it was mahogany." I totally told him I was painting this, but apparently he was munching on a Subway sandwich too loudly during his lunch call to listen to my master-plan of girls bedroom redo and neglected to hear about my painting the cradle for free plan. Lucky for me what I thought was a silver nail polish catastrophe 3 months ago saved me on this one. I was able to come back with a quick, "Well I can't believe Adeline got silver nail polish on it. Because she did!!". He just said "Oh yea," and let it go. Thanks kid.
Then I reminded him about my plan to paint the dresser her built for Adeline in which he replied, "You're killing me here. Furniture is supposed to be black, white, shades of brown... not Easter egg colors. I know I married an artist, but artists are crazy and cut off their ears n stuff." I'm wondering what he was thinking when he was agreeing to all of this that I ran by him during that lunch call days ago.
Sorry Daddy, but Adeline got silver nail polish on the dresser too, and when I used remover to get it off it took off white paint all over the front.
So. The dresser front is getting a new coat of so close to white but barely super light purple so Daddy doesn't object to any other intricate plans I have yet to tell him about regarding our home school room. I'ma take it easy on him on this one, but I am loving the refreshing of this room!
That's probably because I love all things purple, and there's a lot of that in here!
Happy Wednesday ya'll!
We are counting down to the weekend because we are headed to New Orleans for a date with Princesses on Ice and then our favorite restaurant-Houstons.
I can taste the club salad now.
I may get a side of french fries too, since I can do that at this stage in my life without too much judgement.
It's gonna be goood.


  1. Purple is pretty fantastic color! I say start letting Adeline play with silver nail polish beside everything that you want to paint so that you're hubby can't object, lol