Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Waste of Time

This is my last attempt to linger on the internet before I have to change a diaper, vacuum, water the plants, fold laundry, and agonize over what to cook Philip for dinner [ew, cooking]
Sorry that I'm lame.
Age: I will be 25 in July!
Bed size: Queen. A very. [seemingly]. small. queen.
Chores that you hate: I always hate the dishes, and sometimes let them pile up to an embarrassing accumulation. I have so far hated laundry every other year about, since I've in fact been pregnant every other year and front loaders seem to be the death of me while pregnant n stufffff.
 Dogs: We like Spazadoodles Labradoodles
Essential start to your day:  Praising Jesus for the morning and new opportunity to serve Him.
Favorite color: Purple. Anything. Purple!
Gold or Silver: I'm partial to silver I guess.
Height: 5’4".
 Instruments you play: I'm music dumb, although I can play the first quarter of "When the Saints Go Marching In" on piano.
Job title: Homemaker would sum up the many titles I could give you.
Kids: Adeline 3, Gideon 15 months, and Selah in the belly!
Live: South Louisiana Mai' Sha! 
Mother’s Name: Lori
 Nicknames: Philip calls me "Tootie" or "Ole momma"
Overnight hospital stays: 2007 Ruptured appendix, 2008 Dehydration, 2009 Having a baby, 2010 Dehydration, 2011 Having a baby, 2012 Dehydration
Pet peeves: Lack of manners or consideration for others
Quote from a movie or TV show: Ohh, you mad, huh?
Right or Lefty:  I'm right handed yo.
Siblings: I have a younger sister and a younger brother.
Time you wake up:  Usually about 7. 
Underwear: Yea I wear it, creep.
Vegetable you hateBrussel sprouts, yuuuuck. 
What makes you run late: my husband!!!!! 
X-Rays You’ve HadJust my teeth, I think.
Yummy food you make: I'm feeling nutella croissants here lately. 
Zoo Animal:  I mean aren't the seals precious?!!

See don't you feel like you know me better now? Don't you want to come eat some nutella croissants with me for breakfast and then venture over to the zoo and press our noses against glass and aw at the seals? 



  1. i just recently discovered that i LOVE brussels sprouts! not even kidding! i am a cabbage freak! lol