Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pipe Cleaners and Yogurt

 Months ago, I met an old man in Walmart who asked me to direct him to the pipe cleaners. Since he was hard of hearing and not confident of my directions, I walked him to the craft isle, and helped him pick some out. I had no idea why the empty handed, kind man wanted to get crafty, but he didn't tell so I didn't ask. Come to find out his wife sent him to the store for them to clean out their hearing aids. I thought about that man today when I browsed the craft section looking for something hands on and relatively cheap to add to our activities with.
I was surprised at the ability three year old hands to mold and create. She's mostly all about P's and flowers though. That's her specialty.
 and brother's specialty?
Well he's still working on that.... self feeding anyway. At 15 months old he wears more than he consumes, I'm sure, but he's really proud he gets to eat like a big boy and I cater to the mess and let him eat his meals all on his own.
Today's yogurt and last night's beans went well. I'd bet there was about a 50/50 ration of what Gideon ate and what he wore.


  1. We are still working on self feeding too... I loathe the mess... but how else will they learn! :)

  2. So true!
    Wish I could at least keep a bib on him, although the radius of food well expands the bib area!