Friday, May 4, 2012

Tangled, Lasagna, and another Flower.

I feel like I ran a marathon.
I think my morning's events may be equivalent to one. Maybe. Unload out of car seats, reload into car seats, rebuckle escapees, fetch the book you threw in the front seat, feed one, wipe the other, repeat. Several times.

I went to get a new inspection sticker [failed for an expired license plate registration, UGH so I have to go to the DMV?!!], went to the bank, picked up a prescription, went back to the bank, stopped at the post office, and finally came home where I contemplated leaving the kids bucked in their seats with the AC on while I'd lay on the cold tile for 5 minutes in peace. Don't worry, I didn't. I took them out, fed them lunch, and dumped their precious little bottoms in bed for nap time. Then I stepped over the toys and laundry, made my way to the computer and BAM here I am. What a winner I am, huh?

Well, I suppose I'll do a little writing here and then get onto cleaning the mess. Then maybe I'll take myself up on that vision of laying on the floor with no interruption for several long minutes, although I reckon my bed would be more comfortable than the floor.....
Did I just say reckon?

Oh yea.
Well I wanted to write about a little girl who brushed my hair this morning.
Her interest in that was probably definitely sparked by her recent adoration for this particular princess:
She was a little let down this morning when my reply to her request to make her hair long like Tangled wasn't what she had envisioned upon learning it takes time to grow your hair long, and I can't just brush it "miles and miles" long.
She was a little distraught although she diverted her disappointment with the realization that Mommy has long hair for miles and miles.
So she asked to brush my hair [which meant I had to untangle it from the nest on top of my head for her to even slightly be able to run a brush through it].
I don't have any photos, and I wouldn't dare get up to grab my camera or my phone for some because the moment was too pure, too sweet.

She was tender as she "brushed the hair away from my pretty face" and she was gentle when she'd run into a missed knot. She was full of admiration at "my beautiful long hair that could make miles and miles."

I felt so appreciated and loved. Sometimes I think as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, sister, friend....woman you can feel so under-appreciated. I do sometimes, anyway.
I have times I feel as though I pour myself into so many people, people who have not, do not, and would not reciprocate.
Sometimes that's a lonely feeling, and although you know you're loved sometimes you don't feel that way.

But this morning as I sat in my tee shirt on the bathroom floor and let my little girl run a brush and her fingers gently through my long, tired, brown hair I felt so loved and valued and appreciated.
There was a little 3 year old behind me adoring me for about ten minutes until I had to interrupt my beauty session to retrieve Gideon from Scarlet's kennel. 

It was precious, and besides doesn't it just feel so good to have your hair brushed?
It does. I think so.

So yea. Got all mushy when my girl brushed my hair.
Plus I got like 3 complimentary compliments.

On another note, my boy's favorite food has been declared.
I thought it was banana, but move over monkey food he discovered lasagna. 
Yea, he ate a grown man's serving!
Can you blame him? Lasagna is pretty awesome.

and lastly, would you like to see our magic flower?
Isn't it beautiful? I've seen a lot of Hibiscus, but this was the first time I'd seen some this color. It's pretty magical. Mostly because it blooms in a coral pinkish color and then the edges turn orange then yellow while the center goes from pink to purple all throughout the day.
I took pictures of it every two or three hours yesterday and each photo looks like a different flower.
That's magic, ya'll.
He makes beautiful things!

Have an exciting weekend friends!


  1. I look forward to Eloise brushing my hair one day! She already does with her baby brush - only a few swipes here and there... but I look forward to the kind that makes you just want to fall asleep because it relaxes you so much!! I'm so with you on the hair brushing!!!

    I get ya with the "under appreciated" thing too. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. I go out of my way to do things, send a note or card or even make a phone call... and it's rarely reciprocated. I often tell myself I'm not going to do those things anymore... but it's just in my blood. I figure, if I am doing things with a genuine heart, whether or not I get a response.... It still makes me feel good to do what I love. And it is extra special when I do get some acknowledgement! Even if it's just Cory telling me he liked dinner or thanks me for doing his laundry! :)

    1. I really, really can't even explain the enjoyment from having my hair brushed, and who'd have thought my three year old was capable of doing that job gently?!!! I'ma put her to work more often for that!

      I love that it's in your blood. I'm so happy to read your comments and follow along your life across the country! You're a great friend and we relate on so much! Amen on that acknowledgement. Few and far between, but when it comes it's so appreciated!