Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Princesseses on Ice"

We had a nice little date day with our Adeline this Saturday.
I have to admit I was really geeky excited about it since it entailed
-ice skating princesses
-Houstons (my fav resturant)
-ice cream

We opted to leave this little guy at home with Philip's mom, but we sure did miss him the entire day!
We figured he wouldn't be as smitten with pretty girls skating in princess dresses as his sister was, although once we left we really started to feel the strangeness of his absence and missed him a whole bunch!
 I don't know if it's that we don't get out much, or that there was a suspenseful wonder-halo created around our day, but Adeline was pretty impressed with....everything. This face.... was at a big picture of a hot dog at a concessions stand. Yea a hotdog.
We were actually supposed to go to Disney World this April, which she was really stoked about, .... of course I got all knocked up and stuff and the trip was cancelled, but I'm pretty sure this Dare to Dream ("Princessessess on Ice") thing made up for it to my 3 year old!
and um.... me too.
She clapped and danced and swayed and other than a brief intermission/tantrum for a glowing wand that "every other girl in a pretty dress had" she did really well!
It was a really fun show, and I may or may not have gotten goosebumps and obnoxiously squealed when all of the princesses arrived for the grand finale. [Thanks God, for giving me daughters so I can delight in princess play!]
Daddy had fun too! He's a sucker though, because home girl got herself a snowball in princess mug, a big box of popcorn, AND..... a wand after the show. Surely he was blinded with joy and Disney high because do you know what they charge for colored ice in a princess mug?
A lot!
This kid asks to go to the beach every other day, and since this year the chances of that are slim to none, Daddy was her hero and pulled over on our way out to enjoy watching a sailboat on the lake. I mean she did think it was like the beach, she was only disappointed she forgot her swimmin' suit!
 Our tummies were rumbly, but not for long because we sure did some eating here! Houstons is our favorite, and Philip and I have been every year a couple of times a year since we started dating 10 years ago! Sometimes we'd drive out to New Orleans JUST to eat here and drive home. THAT good.
 Adeline is a lot like me in that she has these scenarios of things and the way they are supposed to be played out in her head before they happen. Apparently, when you go to a fancy restaurant where we behave our best, on a special date like a princess..... you wear your napkin around your neck like that. No questions. Around the neck. Reality meets her vision here and they should be identical.
When we eat dinner we all always ask each other what was the favorite part of each other's days. When Adeline asked me, I told her it was when the floating lights came down during Rapunzel's debut on ice. I made a mistake though, because my favorite part of the day was the many times I looked over and saw the most genuine smiles from an amazing, sweet as pie daddy and his smitten daughter.
and believe me, there were plenty of smiles and those of chocolatey proportions towards the end of our day!
I'm pretty sure this girl felt extra special on Saturday, and I'm happy for that day! We felt so blessed for so many sweet moments. I hope during our future we can continue to go on these dates with each of the kids on their own every now and then. It's funny how much you hear and get to know about a child when you're one on one (or two on one with Philip and I both). We've got so much to thank our Father for, these children swell our hearts more and more daily!


  1. What a wonderful time to share! I'm sure you'll carry those memories with your forever!!! Thank goodness for the camera so when you look back, you'll REALLY remember!

  2. It was really cool to not be carrying a baby and have my camera accessible! I think surely we'll remember our date day for years to come! I hope so!!!