Saturday, October 13, 2012

Selah Was Here

Okay this is the last time you'll hear from me.

I'm sorry I just looked over my last post and it felt like it was cute but not living up to it's ultimate cute potential.
There we go. Selah's here.
Now let the cuteness rain all over this blog.
and seriously it doesn't get much cuter than baby toes and baby thigh rolls.
Her left one is my favorite.
and because it's fall here are our porch pumpkins.
and Selah in front of them.
oh here's some caramel apples. because it's fall. and I'm posting fall stuff. Alright?

Okay really I can't stop playing with my new camera. 
Sorry for being annoying. 

Khaveagoodnight. :)


  1. ohmygosh, those apples about gave me a stomach ache just LOOKING at them! so good! :)

    and seriously, the cuteness from little miss thigh rolls and sweet face was great :)

  2. Um... Selah totally looks like you!

    And... Please, I would like one of those there apples!