Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sup @ Us

 I feel like this photo describes my life, my days, and my attitude, and my children, and what I do when someone wakes me up. Oh just kidding. But no really.
Let me give you a lil update right quick:
and by right quick I mean really absent-mindly fast because as I type someone very well could be pooping, hiding valuables in the undisclosed locations, or jumping from dangerously high altitudes.
They're supposed to be sleeping.
But you never know.
These guys are tricky. Very tricky.

We've hit some milestones in our busy, busy lives folks.
 This is Selah. My pretty. My newborn. My baby. My 1 month old? Well, now she's technically 5 and a half weeks, but whatever.
[Compared to Gideon @ 1 month]
She's sweet. and she has thigh rolls.
and I love that.
a lot.

Oh you precious [9lb6oz 21 1/2inch] girl, I'm so glad God knew I needed you.

Her and I had some nice bonding time a couple of weeks ago when we both flew on an airplane for the first time to DotMom conference in Birmingham. 
My brother in law is coming in this weekend to take some pictures of her.
I'm so excited, although she has a full face full of baby acne right now.
Sorry Jesus about my shallow prayer to clear her acne before pictures, but ya know... 

Last month this girl had her first day of MDO at LWC. (Yea that's Mother's Day Out at Living Word Church). Just two days a week for a few hours in the morning. She's loving it so much, and we're pretty stoked she didn't get kicked out yet.
Oh I'm just joking, really a little bit.
She is so proud and enjoys the precious people there! I'm enjoying running my errands on those mornings with only two little ones, and getting to spend a little extra one on one with my boy!
Also for this one is dance class @ To the Pointe Dance Academy.
She is taking tap and ballet, and she hasn't gotten kicked out of there either! Woop!
No really she has been learning so much and talks about going all week long.
PLUS she's behaving! and listening! and dancing! which is so cute!!!
Philip and I are pretty proud at the adjustments she's been making in her Adeline attitude lately and with all of the changes that have flooded our family lately she's done great.
So Philip finally let her have earrings, since she's been asking for them for a few weeks.
She did really well with it, and is so proud to sport her lady-ness.
Every grocery store clerk, bank teller, and stranger passing by is given no other choice than to look at her earrings.
and oh Gideon. I'd have more pictures of him only he runs at the speed of a lion chasing prey only his run is a little less fierce and a little more jolly. Other then an increase in tantrums in his normally content temperament, He's been up to a lot of dude bonding with his father.
It's buckets of cute, but I have to pretend not to notice and contain my squeals and aws so as not to ruin man moments.
and I really don't know how this photo happened because I didn't ask for it nor did I pose them for it.
but when my kids make cute happen, I like to go with it.
Because despite what you old ladies in the grocery store think, 3 little ones 3 and under usually aren't cute. It's chaos.
Blessed chaos though.
The kind of chaos with banana under my pillow and miles of toilet paper in the halls.
The kind of chaos with 8 loads of clean laundry covering up every square inch of floor in my laundry room.
The kind of chaos where I slip on spilled juice while nursing a newborn but maintain composure while talking on the phone and burning chicken on the stove.
The kind of chaos where if I hear "Mommy I'm hungry." one more time after I cooked you an actual meal that you didn't touch [AGAIN] then I might throw my empty (but refilled 5 times) coffee mug straight out of the window just for dramatic effect.

But amongst the chaos there is a sweet Jesus holding my hand and forgiving me when I screw something up, which is..... a lot.
He's ever-present around here, and I love Him for that and so much more.

We are blessed.
Me and the animals I take care of.

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  1. Love your pictures... and I love that Adeline got her ears pierced. So sweet! I look forward to that for Eloise some day! I'm not rushing it though!
    Sometimes I think I have chaos... but wow... thanks for the perspective - in more ways than one! :)