Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Sister

We came home from the hospital to no electricity. 
I seriously hardly even noticed because I was too busy trying to make sure my eyes were on three little humans at the same time. 
Mostly because two little humans had a really fascinating obsession over our newest, tiniest little human.
 This was the first time Adeline held Selah, and I don't remember her ever looking happier. Even her eyes were smiling.
 Gideon wasn't too sure about her at first, but after a few hours of watching his big sister swoon over his new little sister he totally joined the baby talk club and fell victim to the sweetness of a tiny little newborn. He repeats, "Hey La La" in the most high pitch but simultaneously soft voice throughout the day.
The kids have been having to since keep their distance, unfortunately. 
Adeline developed bronchitis while I was in the hospital having Selah, and then both kids got eye infections during Selah's second week. 
Seriously?!!! It's probably due to my bragging to Philip a couple of months ago. "Our kids are never sick, I must be doing something right in all of this wrong because it's been 10 months since one of them was sick." aaaaaand pretty much they've been alternating being sick ever since I said that. UGH/Ah/Gr!
Neither have been allowed to touch her and for the most part have had to keep a good 3 foot distance. 
That was especially hard for Adeline to do. 
She is so in love and so eager to help that keeping her distance was like a punishment to her for being sick.
No fair!!
Everyone is better now, and thanks to a bunch of healing and protection prayer, good ole immunities in breast milk, and massive amounts of hand sanitizer Selah has managed to avoid getting sick.
Thank you Jesus!

Adeline was born and everyone said, "She looks just like her Daddy!"
Gideon was born and everyone said, "He looks just like his Daddy and just like his sister did!"
Selah is here and we get this a lot, "She looks just like her brother." or sometimes we hear "She looks just like Adeline did!" a little bit of "Oh she looks like Daddy just like the rest of your crew." and oh my goodness I've actually gotten quite a few of, "Courtney!? Does she.... look like.... you? because I think she does?!!"

Haha, so I guess it's a toss up.
That or people can't handle the choices.
If you ask me:
I think for her first couple of days she looked just like Gideon did as a new born, but as the days go by she really reminds me of Adeline as a new born.
Adeline and Gideon looked so similar [comparison here] that really I guess you could go with either.
She doesn't remind me too much of her Daddy, but she often reminds me of my own baby pictures which hasn't happened with my other two. 
 Mostly I think she's her own little look. She just looks like Selah. A little different from the other two, but a lot of beautiful.


  1. how precious!!! having three sounds like crazy fun and sweetness. Hope that you are able to get some rest and recover! = )

  2. She is just precious - how cute about your other kiddos loving to be around her so much too!