Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This morning I did a little mourning over the loss of the weekend. 
 Mondays and routines are just a little bitter after a sweet, carefree weekend like we just had. 
 Saturday morning we had the most beautiful time on the water. 
I really, really wanted to bring my camera, but I chickened out and left it at home. 
We didn't sink or get rained on, so in retrospect I wish I'd have brought it because God painted some beautiful scenery for us as we laughed and hugged and smiled with our little girl that was completely overwhelmed with the joy of her first fishing experience--even though we didn't catch a single fish.
The weather wasn't quite even jacket worthy, but I whipped up some warm crawfish bisque for dinner and headed out with it regardless.
I was too incredibly happy to care that the kids apparently don't eat crawfish bisque, so I dug out some mac n cheese and we all dined in the back yard and watched the sunset. 
Seriously I think there is very little that makes my heart race more than watching Philip be a father. 
He's been working nights and weekends and long hours, and we have all been missing him so much. 
On weekends he gets off he's still on the sleep schedule of having slept all day and worked all night so normally we don't get as much good time with him because he naps throughout the day. 

This weekend he was so present, and it was such a relief to not only have another set of hands, but to have my best friend at my side. It's been weeks and months for me since I've been able to sit and watch my little lovelings just laugh and enjoy their Daddy. I don't know if I've ever seen Gideon so thrilled just to be held and hugged by this man. He absolutely adores his father, and really just love that.

My God you are amazing. Thank you for this blessing of beautiful family you gave me. 
and while I'm showing gratefulness, Amen for empty boxes. 
oh and unneeded QVC purchases-GAH those people could sell me rocks.

This time of year really just makes all of the sweetness sweeter. 
I loved this weekend.
So much.

Looking forward to the next.

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