Sunday, October 28, 2012

2 Months

 2 months happened Saturday.
Selah girl I thought I just delivered you like, last week.
No, that was two months ago.
I don't know that life outside of me is all that different, since you're always on me or in my arms.
You sure do love your momma, baby girl, and I don't mind it at all.
You're not short on big sister love either. In fact, she's borderline obsessed with you.
and your toes. and your bows. and your clothes. and your nose. and your name.
Sorry I know name broke the rhyming streak, but really she's named every baby doll Selah her pumpkin Selah and that owl we heard walking the dog tonight, yea that's Selah the owl.
So yea, she's a little obsessed with your name too. I can't blame her, you do have an awesome name.
I actually pump [which I despise, but do] an extra couple of ounces every day just so Adeline can feed you, which is something that makes her feel very big and very proud.

When I'm not holding you I know you're every hiccup, spit up, babble, and cry because our three your ole little momma got her eyes on you, girl.
Your brother loves you too, but it's a little more at a distance. He's either busy surfing on your baby seat, hooking and latching buckles on your car seat, or being an unwilling participant in your big sister's daily dress up routines. He loves to kiss your head, and leave his mark with drool or banana kisses, and he really loves to go to your bassinet or swing and scream SELAH just after you've fallen asleep and I put you down. Fun game brother.

You think it's hysterical when your daddy blows in your face and literally takes your breath away. I'm glad you think that's funny because your daddy has enjoyed torturing/picking on you babies with that since day one of our baby business over here. The other two found it much more annoying than you do.

You have blessed the life of each one of us in this house girl, and I love you so much Selah girl. You're my little pretty.

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  1. i love this! and i love that adeline is such a great big sister! i never thought to pump and let eloise feed the new baby... hmmm... we might have to try that at some point - if she is interested. but props to you for taking the time to do it for your girls! those are awesome memories.