Friday, November 30, 2012

Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry

Peppermint lattes, the smell of pine, glitter-lots of glitter, cozy cuddles, gift wrapping, cookie baking, houses dressed with strands of lights, Christmas movies, music of the merry kind, and lots of story telling about a little baby who was destined to be our King.

Those things rock, and they totally override: spilling coffee on freshly mopped floors, trying to locate to fast children hiding behind green Christmas trees while camouflaged in green winter wear, broken glass from those cool old school lights hitting the cement, fixing burnt fuses on a latter with kids watching while your husband is in another state and explaining electrical things to you over the phone while you cry like a baby about doing "man work", those 4 glass ornaments among the 100 plastic ones that the toddler found and threw, the "he hit me. he pulled my hair. he looked at me. he touched me. he woke up.", the burnt cookies, the payday black Friday where bills ate our money instead of pretty things in Charming Charlie, and did I say broken glass already because there has been a lot of broken glass.

It is all so very worth it. I love this time of celebration in all of its prettiness, and for me new-found chaos.

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