Saturday, December 8, 2012

Apple Pie

I have an obnoxious amount of pictures from today when I made apple pie with Adeline while the babies were sleeping.

There was mess. There was bonding. and there was pie.
All up in the kitchen.
Sprinkled with cute.

The end.


  1. I love the picture of her standing on the chair with the sunlight coming through the window. So awesome!!

  2. looks seriously delish!
    and she's the cutest.
    and i love the color of your kitchen walls. :)

  3. that pie looks scrumptious! my fav! i can't believe you let adeline wear that adorable outfit while in the kitchen making a mess with you! but looks like she was successful in keeping pretty clean! :)

  4. These pictures are adorable, what a sweet time with your girl!