Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Breakfast Conversation on Appreciation

This morning at breakfast we talked about things we're thankful for. Adeline's list is:
-I'm thankful for apples, and also for seeds in apples.
-I'm grateful you took that picture of me and Daddy on the beach when I was a baby. 
-I'm thankful for my three cousins Yakabo, baby Harrison, and Emily.
-I'm thankful for rainbows, bicycles, and the refrigerator, and pumpkins too. 
-I'm thankful for the black watch Daddy gave me.
-I'm grateful for my turtle, and I'm thankful Daddy is a man.
-I'm just thankful for my Stompeez. (She does not have Stompeez, she only pretends she does)
-I'm glad God made Lily, Myla, and Silas and Rapunzel and that horse Maximus, but Rapunzel is always my favorite.

Gideon appreciates the simple things:
-Baby. over there.
-Go to Mimi

and while Selah was silent during this conversation,
I'm pretty sure she's thankful for me.
and breastmilk.
and a good swaddle.
Because I am the swaddle master.

and I'm grateful for conversations like these.

Tis all.

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