Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dad left

My daddy left for Iraq yesterday.
It was easier saying goodbye the second time, but by no means was it actually even easy.
I've gotten a lot closer with my dad after the divorce. He just kind of needed me more, so it was really hard to see him leave and not know what he's in for. My dad's been through a lot, and I can't help but wonder if he might be to frail to get through this.
But positive thinking overturns positive results, so that's what I'm trying to do.
I tracked his flights from New Orleans to Chicago to Turkey, and he has been able to text me since he's gotten there. He gets on a private flight tomorrow to Iraq where he'll be working.
He told me that there is a lot of culture thriving there. Plastic lawn chairs line the streets and it's all like a giant market place where people trade and sell. I would be petrified out of my element none the less out of my country, but I find it fascinating that he gets to see all of this.
I email him every day with updates on his stuff, our stuff, home stuff, and a video of Adeline and me. I want to make sure he feels loved and missed, because he is.

I look forward to him coming home for a visit in the fall. We'll probably do an early Thanksgiving and maybe go to the zoo or something since it'll be a little cooler.

He's only been away for a day and I feel like something around here is missing.

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