Monday, April 19, 2010

Button Frame

My husband used to be a carpenter, and with that trade comes great skills.
He came across some beautiful 100+year old cypress, and he planed them down and made some gorgeous frames for our hallway. 

I have a bunch more of these in the garage, just sitting there waiting for some inspiration. 
After noticing that my button collection has gotten larger than the jar I hold the buttons in, I knew it was time for a project with them.
So I painted the frame a lime green matching some stems I painted on Adeline's wall a few months ago. 
I didn't prime it first, because I knew the wood would just soak up the paint, and it might look more like a heavy green stain than paint. I just like the wooden look, though so that's just me. 
I used hot glue to adhere the buttons on the frame, and I just followed a continuous line, filling in any spaces along the way with smaller buttons. I decided to just do the center of the frame, leaving a small green border before and after the buttons. 
This is my finished product. It's exactly what I wanted too! Colorful and quirky. 

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  1. super cute!!! I love the button frame! what a great way to use up a stash!

  2. So crafty! I love the wooden frames!

  3. so cute! i love buttons! I'd love for you to link up to sundae scoop

  4. Wow, that is really cute! Great way to use those buttons. It looks really nice on the shelf with the dream sign.

  5. Love the texture and colors of the buttons! So cute!

  6. Adorable! Where did you get so many buttons?

  7. I saw this over at Today's Creative Blog. I'm making one of the for my son's pre-school teacher in the next few months. So cute, & so special!

  8. I saw this frame briefly while scrolling through another link party last night. I was linking my own project. When I finished, I moved on to the next link party and then couldn't remember which one I'd seen your frame on. I wanted to come over an comment. I finally found it on The Girl Creative. Sorry for the book! Just wanted to say that I LOVE this frame. I think I'll let my daughter make some of these for her g-mas for Mother's Day. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love it! How do you get so many buttons? I've actually had to cut some off of old blouses for this project or that.

  10. I love those frames - the raw ones and the crafty one! I like that you can still see the wood peeking through. So cute!

    Thanks for linking at Lucky Star Lane!