Monday, April 19, 2010

Magenta Splotched Sheets.

I have had white sheets on my bed since we bought it.
I do have a black Labradoodle that sheds like a maniac, so both sets of white sheets get black dog hair on them almost instantly, but I never cared because I love the look of white sheets. 
1 pair was a wedding gift and it was a nice Egyptian cotton. The other pair was a totally awesome high threadcount  find at Marshalls. Super comfy!!

I have had a pretty pink Ralph Lauren robe that was given to me as a gift when I went into the hospital and had Adeline. It's my favorite most comfy robe to lounge around in the morning.

Well remember Tuesday night after my bad day how I decided to paint my nails in nothing but my good robe?


Well its laundry day so I put both sets of my white sheets and my robe in the wash, then in the dryer.
I love to put warm sheets on the bed and just roll around and play in the crisp clean warmth. 
So the dryer dings and I run straight to it knowing Addie and me are about to cut up in bed for a sure to be fun time on clean warm sheets.

Uhhh no.

Yea apparently the nailpolish ended up in the wash.
apparently it wasn't closed all the way.

So I spent 30 minutes scrubbing nailpolish off of my dryer, and mourning the loss of my white sheets and robe.

You see I'm far too frugal to go out and by such nice sheets and such a high quality robe.

So I've got to hunt for a deal on some decent sheets and eventually I'll get a new robe.

and I never even paint my toe nails.


Obviously I need new sheets, since I washed both sets I had.
I found some Cindy Crawford 400 thread count sheets at JCPennys for $29.99
... I also found a $130.00 blue stipe comforter on sale for $70.00.

I bought them both as soon as I saw them, because I've been shopping for a new bed set since the fall, and haven't found anything simple, sleek, and classy for a good price.
I probably shouldn't have taken a picture of my dirty bedroom, but HEY I made my bed.
So that alone was photo-worthy.
I really want to be one of those women who wake up in the morning and make their bed before they go on with the rest of the day.
I've tried but it usually lasts about 3 days.
Soooo, uh
Do you make your bed daily?

Because I'm so going to be that woman.
With a bed made.
Every day.
Starting tomorrow.


  1. Ugh, we've done a very similar thing with a red pen. Only, it was hubbys red pen, and ALL my nice clothes. Not my crappy clothes, of course not, but my work clothes. Rad.

    Poor sheets and robe.

    Your room is a clean dream compared to mine, haha.

    And no, I totally don't make my bed every day. At all. Ever.

  2. HECK NO! the ONLY time my bed is EVER made is the days that I change the sheets - it lasts about 5 minutes. My "mini me" helper ALWAYS jumps in the bed as soon as i get the sheets on and the blankets spread out. See my husband works nights - so, between his early bed, my late bed, his nap, M's nap, etc... I would have to make my bed 10x's a day! so NO - my bed is NEVER made and I'm darn proud of it!

  3. I'm so sorry your day was so rough. Love the new bed set though. Hey, every girl deserves something new every once in awhile even though it comes from tragic happenings sometimes.

    I admit it though I do make my bed everyday! I just like walking into the bedroom and turning down the sheets before jumping in for some reason!

  4. That bad day you had was like, "Oh wait, Courtney, it's not over yet!" and it tilted that polish in the dryer. Ya know what's weird? I make my bed just a few minutes before I lie down at night. I don't always make time to do it in the morning, but I like lying in a bed that's been made!

  5. My bed is never made. Not even when I put my new sheets on, because I usually leave my blanket on the floor or in a heap on the bed. I'm not a perfectly clean person, but I try.

  6. Ugh, what a day! I feel for you though, I have one of those type of days a week...makes me want to go out and get you some sheets lol! thanks for stopping by and leaving such a GREAT comment!
    Have a Wonderful Night!

  7. Oh and I rarely make the bed...we're gonna get back in it so why? That is one concept I don't get...that is unless company just pops in, and your like "uh excuse the mess" I hate that! lol maybe I should start tomorrow too?

  8. and I do make my bed every morning. I love when you walk into the room and it just looks clean.

  9. That would have made me cry!!!! I have a duvet that looks just like yours..the white with strips. And I love love the look of white. Just clean and happy.