Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flower Bed

I've finally finished my flower beds.
I know this could kind of be a boring post to you, but I'm just so very proud of myself.

I've never really liked gardening because it's hot, I don't do bugs, and it's dirty.
BUT I've always wanted a beautifully landscaped yard.
Well, I sure can't afford a landscaper, so I often attempt to plant things and hope that something big and magical will grow.
Then I either forget to water them or protect them from the cold and they die.

This year I'm all in it though.
I pulled up all of my dead plants from last year and I planted some new ones, moved some around, weeded (I swear I pulled out a giant beanstalk).
  Well after much work this is what it looks like.
I know it isn't really eye catching or spectacular or anything, but I worked really hard and I'm proud of it!
Then I had so much fun doing it [surprisingly enough] I decided to dig a flower bed on the other side of my house, which now looks like this:
These plants were all brand new where the other bed had all old plants. So obviously these need more growing time because they're all littlebitty right now.
So there it is. Our little house has little flowerbeds in the front. Yay!
I put these pinwheels I found at Hobby Lobby for $4 each along my walk way.
#1 because I've never found a plant that survives there since it's usually shaded but sometimes sunny.
#2 because Adeline really loves them and it keeps her busy while I pull weeds.
#3 because they won't die--atleast I hope not.

Some of my flowers that have already bloomed:
My favorite color: purple+ my favorite flower: hydrangeas= score!!
Love these!!!
and this is my amazing trooper plant.
These are also hydrangeas that Philip bought for me in 2008. I eagerly planted them, watered them, and then I got pregnant and sick and let them go.
My whole flower bed was overgrown and dying by the time I had Addie in Feb of 2009 so in March Philip tilled up the dirt in the whole bed. He chopped up this plant in the tiller and told me that I had start from scratch. Well I had a newborn on my hands so a flowerbed was the last thing on my mind.
Don't you know the only plant I cared about was the only plant to grow back after he tilled the dirt and thought he got rid of the plant that he assumed dead.
It bloomed this passed fall for me and if you look there it's about to have 7 or 8 new blooms which I can't wait for. They are a pale pink, and they will be so beautiful and loved and I won't ever abandon them again.


  1. I love your flower beds! I think your house is just beautiful and everything is going to look so full and pretty when it's all grown in. The colors really pop in front of the brick.

    I was a gardener for about 5 years and I loved it! You did a great job! And it's hard work!

    ps. will you send me an email and explain to me how to "follow" your blog when you get a second? I can't seen to figure it out and i LOVE your blog and so want you on my roll:)

  2. um, well I think it looks FANTASTIC! This is the first year that I've really gotten into landscaping of any sort as well, and I'm ALL about it. We're about to pull up billions of pounds of garden rocks, and replace it with mulch (I think, we haven't decided yet). I also want to plant some cactus. The problem with landscaping here though, is its not our house, its a military house, and I know in a year or two we'll have to move, and leave all of our hard work behind. I guess it can look pretty until then though, right? Why I'm deciding to do all of this while pregnant, I don't know.

    I love your pinwheels, by the way. So cute.

    (And I put your button up on my blog, hee hee)

  3. Chana, thank you so much! You're so sweet, I can't wait for them to grow in!!

    Tia, I'm all for making it yours, and you're right at least while ya'll are there! and I'm super stoked to see your cactus, so make sure you post pictures!!

    Haha I just discovered buttons, and I just think they're so cool.
    I've kind of been over-using them too.
    Such a nerd.

  4. I love your giant pin wheels! so much fun and low maintenance! The amount of landscaping that needs to be done around here is out of control. Yours looks great!

  5. Love your flower beds and all beautiful colors.
    Love the pinwheel idea !!!!! So clever.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment.

  6. Oh, I love it. Hydrangea's are some of my Fave's! The pinwheel photo is so sweet! Wow, I really need to get back to my garden. Like you, I'm not that in to dirt... but I want my yard to look nice! :) Gardening is very rewarding.

    p.s. I'm putting your cute button up on my blog.

  7. I think that is so excited! I especially love the pinwheels. I am so sad that the closest Hobby Lobby to me is 4 hours away and I have never been there! Oh well someday!

  8. that photo of you on your blog header is gorgeous.