Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Curl

Ladies and gentlemen, 
 I have a big okay little announcement.
We officially have a curl.
Well kind of...
More like a flip..
No, I'd really rather call it a curl.
So yes, Adeline has a curl-in her hair.
Because she has hair now.
We've overcome baby baldness, and now we have a curl.
I have proof for you non-believers. 
Do you see it? Right on the side of her ear.
Here, allow me to let you view the curl from another angle. 
Uh huh, there you go. Look, it even looks like there could be two right there.
Let's see another view. 
 You see it right? All the way across the room. Yep.
Hair is just so exciting.


  1. Yes! I see it! I believe!

    I'm really looking forward to more hair on my little babe! :)

  2. Yes! It's totally a curl girlfriend! And soon there will be ponytails and braids galore!
    I remember measuring Sophie's hair every day waiting for the moment I could actually put a tiny bow in it. I'd lick my fingers and smoosh all the tiny whisps of hair she had into a teeennyy weeennyy pile on top of her head and somehow squeeze a bow into it.

    This is very exciting stuff!

  3. Courtney, I'm telling you, it won't be long until that little curl is getting done up in an up-due for her senior prom night. They grow so fast don't they?

    Maybe that curl is a sign - like once you see one, there's another one right around the corner...and then another, and another!

    Funny/cute post. Love it.

  4. hahah, too cute!! my little Charlie has a billion curls that all seemed to pop up within days of each other, so watch out, before you know it, she'll have a full afro.

    very cute though. itty bitty baby curls <3