Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Baby Gifts

I don't know if you remember the set of blocks I made for Adeline months ago, but I recently gave away this cute set as a gift:
I just think they're so classic and rough and vintage looking I love little things like that!
Just thought I'd share, I'm kind of proud of this set. :)

Also my good friend Lacey is due next month with a baby girl.
I'm incredibly happy for her and her family, but I'm going to miss our play dates with her son who is pretty much my daughter's only friend close to her age.
 Adeline just loves Jack!

I know once new baby comes Momma will have a new routine to get used to not to mention the newborn sleep schedule, which we all know can be whack. So play dates will probably be a little fewer, although they may get tired of me always trying to pop in.

Anyway, I wanted to make sure Molly was feeling the love, since sometimes the second babies don't get enough attention during their mommies pregnancies as the first.
So I made her these burp clothes:
and cute little matching skirts too:
Oh and I also wanted to show you a super cute wipe case I had my friend make for Chere's little girl Juels:

She has a wonderful shop and does custom items.
She made this for Adeline for her birthday:
and you know I love baby booty!
These bloomers are so cute, and they have little bows that look SO SWEET on a little crawler booty!

Check her out, but order quickly.
She's due to have another baby boy at the end of next month, so she'll be a little occupied when little Logan comes.


  1. Holy crap! I can't believe how stinking CUTE that stuff is! I'm DYING over the blocks! Well, I'm dying over everything:) Seriously...can we please be neighbors?!?! We'd take over the world with our crafty powers combined! *Muah-ha-ha!!*

  2. Baby bootie!!! Woot! I love the blocks too :)

  3. Aw Courtney, you're so sweet for making Molly such adorable gifts! You're right, sometimes those born after the first typically get forgotten. We will cherish them!

    Don't worry, we'll make time for playdates. I'm not going to let you guys slip away. :)

  4. WOnderful gifts! So nice to show the love for the second baby. Hopefully it wont be too long and you can start up those play dates again.
    And, I LOVE your friends shop. That diaper cover is so cute.

  5. eeee, little baby tooshies!

    those blocks are so cute. we've got foam blocks over here in our house. we had some vintage wooden ones, but replaced them with the foam ones after elie got them as a christmas gift. i don't care if the kids throw them at each other, haha.

  6. This is so sweet. Your kids are Darling. Building a house is tough...You look so cute with the pic nic on the wood floors :)
    I am following your blog and would love if you follow mine and say hi!

  7. I bought some block from Goodwill and was planning to paint them, but I like these way better. Thanks for the inspiration!

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