Thursday, April 8, 2010

I've picked up a little here and there.

Things I've learned in my year of parenting:

They don't care if you just finished cleaning. 
Toys will be frequently used unsafely and incorrectly.
 Putting a sticky/sweet spread on their food will greatly increase the odds of eating it.
Sticky/sweet spreads suck to clean up.
My peripheral vision is ever improving.
Time out requires patience. 
Labradoodles make good guard dogs/big sisters.
Victory laps accross the sofa are imperative after a 14month old learns to climb up there.
They want to do everything you do.
Every moment we share is a blessing! 


  1. I'm in love with your header photograph. Thanks for visiting my blog. PS Where did you get you wall vinyl? I love everything vinyl.

  2. Thanks so much!
    I actually just used my cricut to cut out the vinyl.
    I ordered it from Custom Crops online though.