Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1st sonogram

Thank you all for the prayers, support, best wishes, and advice. 
I hate to be a whiner especially on my blog, but sometimes, ya just don't feel well.
Ya know?

Well today I felt a little bit better because I got to see that little, bitty, tiny baby in my belly.
It was so little.

I guess I was just expecting to pick up where my last pregnancy left of or something and see an actual baby looking baby in my belly, but nope.
Just a little bitty beanie. 

I got to hear and see a tiny heartbeat. 

Sweet as pie. 
I hate food.

I got home and wanted to share the picture of our little dot, buuuut I accidentally deleted/lost the software to my scanner so uh ya can't see.

THEN I realized that I, Courtney Kebopadopolis, (That's not my real name, but I got mail addressed to that name before, haha it's funny to say.) haven't taken a picture of my baby in almost a.... week. [GASP]/

Ummm I usually stalk Adeline like a freakazoid Mamarazzi on a daily basis, and well... The camera, the internet, the kitchen... well it's all been a distant love for me this week. 
No camera, very little internet, and uh I hate the kitchen [gag].

Soooo here's a picture of my baby holding the very first pictures of our next baby. 
Don't let that second picture fool you, she has no idea what she's looking at. 
To her that was nothing more than the receipt I give her heading out of Walmart to contain the very last of the public screaming. 
Although sonogram photos are, in fact, way cooler than receipts. 


  1. That's so exciting. She will be such a great old sibiling!

  2. What I wanna know is...when you find out, are you going to let us know the sex of the baby? Also, names! I'm obsessed with names.

  3. Oh yea! You are alive and kicking!! So happy you are feeling a little better girl! Horray for your new bean pics:) Missed you!

  4. Congratulations!!! She will be such a good big sister :)

  5. Ugh the kitchen smell. I hope you get through that part sooner than later.