Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

Alright well, my birthday is approaching, and I want everyone to have enough time to save up a couple of pennies in the piggies for a little ol' birthday gift for little ol' me.
Nothing big just a little something to say, "Hey Courtney, Happy Birthday!."

I've compiled a list of some rather simple wishes:
and this baby made it on the top. I've always wanted a kitchen aid mixer. This color is my favorite since it'll sit pretty on the counter one day matching the rest of the stainless steel appliance family. I guess I never could justify spending the money on one since I do have a hand mixer, buuuut if someone's looking to spoil me this would do the trick!

If you could get me a clean, oil free Gulf of Mexico, that wold be fabulous! Better yet, if you some how know how to undo this entire catastrophe via time machine, or whatever you got... I'll totally take it!
Commme onnnnn everyone has one...everyone but me you know.... I wanna touch-screen-text too!
Plus my Christmas gift ipod touch was jacked right out of my car a couple of months ago so I'm currently without pod too! Oh the agony.
Speaking of jacked, those hoodlums took my prescription sunglasses out of my car too.
Now these were the only designer and prescription sunglasses I've ever owned, and I only had them for 2 short weeks before they were stolen right under my pretty eyes.  So uh, if you thieves could give those back or get me a new pair, my squinting peepers would appreciate that.
How about this beauty? Do you know it's purple? That's the color of choice, but really I guess I can't be picky. I vacuum 3 pounds of Labradoodle hair off of my floors on a daily basis, and boy wouldn't it be nice to have a vacuum cleaner worth a darn!
Alright gardening was fun during the spring when it wasn't deathly hot outside. Now that it's summer time, I'm really needing a gardener. Pulling weeds, fertilizing, watering, replanting- the works. Yea, that'd be great.
I've been aching for a new camera body. My Rebel XTi is just outdated, right? Let me up grade yaaaa. No, let you upgrade meeeeeeee! ;)

Well that was fun. I thought composing a wish list might be difficult, but man that was so easy.
Alright so this is more like a dream list.
haha What can I say, I dream big?


July 27th is the day.
My birthday, that is.
If anyone was wondering.



  1. I love that you have such a concise list :) I'd DIE if someone took my iTouch. It's my 3rd baby. I adore my Dyson...purple just like that one. It's sort of depressing after seeing how much Goldie hair it pulls up after every vacuum, but at least I know it's doing it's job! Amen on the clean Gulf. I wish I had a magic wand to make it go away. I SO want a new digi camera. Mine sucks big time.

    I hope you get at least one of your birthday wishes :)

  2. ha! my birthday is July 27th too.. and i posted my wish list last week! of course... yours is a little less selfish than mine.. with your wish for the Gulf Disaster to go away! (i should've thought of that one!)

    i haven't stopped by in awhile... but CONGRATS! i didn't realize you were expecting! ME TOO! :) fun fun! i hope you start to feel better... i have been so blessed to NOT be hugging the toilet AT ALL. just nauseous and tired!... and i can feel the energy creeping back in!

  3. Hmmm. I like that vacuum:)
    And do you hear my 'boooooohoo' about the pod being stolen? Golly. That sucks.

    Nice camera:)

  4. I like your wish list - mine seems to be full of photography related equipment. What type of lenses do you own? I bet I could add to your wish list! Anyways, happy early birthday!

  5. what a fun list! i hope you get your mixer!

  6. I thought that labradoodles didn't shed??? Perhaps that is just a myth that I heard. Happy early day of birth!

  7. Me and you both, on the mixer.

    I told my husband I WILL be getting one for Christmas.

    And I'm terrible, I keep making little "oh if only I had a stand mixer" comments, while I'm elbow deep in bread batter. Every, day, I make it a point to make a smart ass comment, haha.

    I hope you get everything that your heart desires on your birthday!!

  8. Hey! My son's birthday is also on the 27th :
    I wanted to tell you, I gave you an award:

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I hope those punks were pissed off when they realized they couldn't use/sell those sunglasses because they were prescription!