Sunday, June 27, 2010

I forgot how much this sucks.

I've been in the same clothes for 2 1/2 days.
I chose what I eat by what I prefer to puke.
I notice how poorly of a job I've done at cleaning my toilets.
The best part of the day is when I get a nap or at night when I get to sleep.
I remember how insensitive and non-nurturing my husband is.
The dishes have been in the sink and now on the counter for 5 days now because I gag at the mere smell of the kitchen, and Philip has went out and bought himself paper and plastic.

The thing that sucks the most, is that the last go round, I kept hoping this "phase" would end in the first trimester, then the second, ohh maybe the third....

and this go round, I know it'll haunt me until February 18th, and it only gets worse.
34 more weeks.

Hey at least I've already lost 7lbs!
Isn't weight loss where I was aiming before getting knocked up?
Yea, that was it.


  1. You save those dishes for me! Let me know when Philip leaves for work again and I'll be there first thing to do them for you.

    He probably wouldn't be too happy with me if I do them while he's there.

  2. I didn't realize you were feeling this bad already. :(

  3. Aww, hopefully it gets a LITTLE bit better?? I remember those days oh so well. I still have them, sometimes. Like today, when my husband cooks something that he KNOWS will make me sick.

    Hang in there Mama. Eat whatever you can eat. And leave the cleaning for later. Rest up, and take care of yourself and that little bebe.

  4. Aaww! hang in there sweety. you take care of yourself first and foremost. remember to stay hydrated, lots of water. try to get some ginger biscuits or sweets. it helps with the nausea.

  5. Oh dear. Seriously? I honestly had this dream that you would have it so much easier than your last pregnancy just because you deserve it! I'm going to be the one hoping for you to just breeze through this part and enjoy yourself the way you hoped! So lame:(

  6. Oh, I remember those feelings..!


    Hang in there, lady. It will all be worth it in the end. (Right? That's what we tell ourselves...haha)

  7. Oh my dear! I wish I could come over and help!
    Seems like the beginning and when the baby actually comes is when things can get rundown around the house, depending on who's available:)
    Hope the nausea lets up a little sometime:P

  8. Call your doctor and get some Zofran! Its a miracle drug and the only thing that got me through pregnancy! It will wipe out the yuck and NOT make you tired (at least not anymore than you already are!)

    I have also heard that a B12 shot helps with the nausea too.

    Praying you find some relief!

  9. I wanna say "keep your eye on the prize". I don't think that's completely fitting, but you know what I mean.

  10. Oh no!! I totally feel for you!! I really hope it doesn't last the whole time!! I still remember how bad that sucked. :(
    The smells oh the smells!! I lived on pop tarts and nachos the first tri. Healthy right?

  11. I could totally come help with the yucky stuff. Seriously. If you need me, I'm right around the corner!

  12. hopefully this will make you feel better..I gave you an award at my blog!

  13. Ohhhh! That is soooo hard..but I didn't even know you were expecting another little one...I feel bad saying congratulations when you feel so bad but I am very excited for you and your family!

  14. Oh, sucky. It does get better. :) Doesn't seem like it will though.

  15. One more thing...I know you are feeling like poo right now but wanted you to know I gave you an award over at my blog to help get your mind off the morning sickness for a while!!

  16. i have an award for you over at my blog!